Why Should Small Businesses Do Paid Search?

By Admin | paid advertising | 6 March 2018

The size of your business determines many factors, including marketing expenses. Most small businesses refrain from doing paid search marketing as it is the most expensive form of digital marketing. But if planned well, paid search marketing can deliver surprising results for small businesses having a limited budget. It can give all benefits of paid advertising that your competitors who have an abundant advertising budget are enjoying.

A small business can succeed using PPC advertising by honing its advertising campaign. A great campaign strategy and an intelligent blend PPC elements can pave way for desired PPC results. Small businesses should primarily use PPC advertising because:

1. It Produces Instant Results

A small business might need to wait for years to experience substantial business growth through traditional advertising. Whereas PPC advertising produces instant results, as soon your ad is approved it starts appearing on search engines, where the number of impressions is based on your budget. You can measure its performance against set standards at any time to know how it has helped your business so far. For example: If you are a new startup selling air fresheners, your biggest problem is that no one knows you, well getting known will take time, but till then PPC ads can help you in getting some potential leads.

2. Total Control Of Your Campaign And Costs

In paid search advertising, you only pay when your ad is clicked, that means you have complete control of every single penny that you have invested. Your campaign consists of a series of ads designed to meet your communication objectives. It is completely up to you to exhaust your PPC budget in one go & on one ad, or on multiple ads slowly and steadily. For example: If you have a paid advertising budget of dollar 300, instead of spending it altogether, you can spread it as dollar 100 for each week for a duration of 3 weeks.

3. Better Targeting Options

What is the point in advertising your product/service to people who may not be interested in it? PPC advertising allows you to target advertisements based on various factors to enhance advertising performance. You can filter ad audience based on location, keywords, device, language and browsing history. For example: If you are selling “refrigerators”, you will probably target someone who is searching for “refrigerators” in your area.

4. Pay Only For Performance

Would you ever pay for a commodity without buying it? Offcourse not. In the same way paid ads provide security of investment, where you definitely get something in return when you pay. For example: If your ad appears 20 times in a day and is clicked only 5 times, based on your bid you only need to pay for 5 and not all 20 impressions.

5. Timing

You can control the timing to show your ad in search results. You may want your ad to appear at all times or perhaps you may want it to appear only on some selected days, or only during operating hours when you can respond to customer queries. For example: If you are a local restaurant you would like your PPC ad to get orders for you only during your working hours on working days otherwise, you will not be able to fulfill the order.

We hope that the above article can convince small businesses to go for paid search advertising.

ValueHits is an established PPC agency, offering paid advertising services to clients from various industries. If you are a small business looking for paid advertising solutions, get in touch with us.

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