Social Media Marketing: Drive Followers through Powerful Content

Social Media Marketing: Drive Followers through Powerful Content

Social Media Marketing | April 15, 2015

Social Media marketing has evolved over the years proving its worth, tackling the challenges present in the online marketing environment. Today, if you're not active in social circles then you're still unknown about what the world is up to. Social channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest is now not just limited to teens but it has also garnered the likes of even senior citizens. Gaining social media followers is not as easy as it seems, it requires a proper social strategy in place. This is the only thing which most marketers fail to take into consideration most of the times. Now, any new promotion is first rolled out on social channels and then released through other advertising mediums. Followers cannot be built within a day simply through casual communication but they need to be valued and you need to create an emotional bond through a compelling social media post. Everyone would without a doubt agree that social media is a powerful avenue for client associations and build long-term relationships. Here we share some of tips you can use to drive followers through content

But before that have you ever wondered why customer engagement is important? It's a fact that when you have set up a business, you would obviously want your customers to know about it. Communication or engaging is vital for your business to survive, to get profit, to get leads and to make your brand a successful one. Many studies have indicated that customer turn to internet for any kind of information and this trend is expected to grow even more in future. Hence, it has become crucial to create an online presence and social media is the most sought after mode for companies since it is cost free and easy to use.

Select topic of interest:

Social media posts should be created for target audience. A dedicated social strategy is required to develop posts in which audiences would be interested. But, the promotional content, whether it is video or an image will probably get more likes or shares on Facebook or Twitter only if is associated with the current global trend. Recently, you must have noticed that many TV ad commercials like Vodafone, Lays etc. were based on the 2015 World Cup theme. This strategy works only when you have a global reach.

Sharing of blog posts:

Social channels are not just meant for uploading images and short texts, you can also include blog posts. Share blog posts with a catchy numbering title. Many influencers share some posts by just skimming through the content and only if they find some titles interesting. Often, most of the content which is shared is often not read by visitors.

Blend social media strategy with email marketing:

Social media experts can blend social media strategy with email marketing to drive customer engagement. Assuming you have a dedicated and loyal list of email followers to your brand, your company can easily compel users to share content on social networking sites. Marketers can allow users to share compelling and thought provoking videos or images when a user opens an email by providing the buttons to enable social sharing.

Rich images or videos:

This is the most valuable thing in which users show immense interest. Fashion or travel or restaurants have a huge advantage as they can share attractive content that would allow any one to get instant followers. In fact, it doesn't matter when you have rich images or videos to share. This will surely help you to drive customer engagement. Marketers can also use a blend of both visual and text for social media marketing posts for a compelling ad copy. One can implement this strategy when announcing freebies and sweepstakes.