Things You Need to Know on Partnering with an SEO Agency

Things You Need to Know on Partnering with an SEO Agency

SEO | August 28, 2020

Choosing the right SEO agency can be a daunting task. It can be overwhelming when you need to understand what is required from an enterprise SEO. With so many SEO companies coming up all over, choosing the right one can become tricky. You will have to recognise those companies which are providing seo services who can optimise your website with Google’s latest algorithms without any trickery or spam.

What is an enterprise website?

An enterprise website is built on several different complex databases combined into one seamlessly visual interface which has millions of dynamically generated pages and navigation with auto-generated content. Larger the company, more complex the systems, teams and individuals’ roles and responsibilities.

The right SEO agency:

Your enterprise SEO agency needs to have a clear understanding of what the business needs from them once they are onboarded. Setting up expectations during the initial process will help you set up for success in the long run. Drafting business cases and setting up the tools needed will help you get organised for your plan. This business case will help communicate the expectations with the key stakeholders.

Where to find such SEO agencies?

Agencies will say anything to sell themselves. Here, you will have to talk to these agencies, speak with them on the topics that you need to focus on. Get to know these SEO professionals at an enterprise level and learn more about their clients, and why do they like these clients. If you are planning to review a large number of agencies, it is better to prepare a Request For Proposal (RPF). When you have a clear idea of your expectations, you won’t have much trouble reviewing these proposals. Allow each agency to chat with one on one about your expectations and let you discuss their team as a second step. Such steps might require several meetings, but this will save time from unexpected questions in the long run.

What makes these SEO agencies different?

Agencies working at an enterprise-level will skip past the apparent fixes since they have a better understanding that there could be business reasons for them. An agency who hasn’t worked with a sophisticated, enterprise-level site might not understand:

  • It is not as easy as it appears.
  • The business might not support it
  • There might be legal reasons behind it
  • The fix might not be scalable.

Enterprise agencies will also understand that the level of engagement for an enterprise-level company will be higher than most of their smaller clients. An enterprise SEO needs to be proactive and cannot be distracted by all the work that needs to be done. There need to be regular check-ins and communications that are critical for a successful relationship between the client and the agency. In the end, the relationship extends to the team that regularly communicates and suggests growth strategies proactively, and can fix issues on the go. An enterprise SEO gets the work done.


The key finding here is to keep active communication between you as a client and the agency, and vice versa. Give them the tools and access that can help them be successful in their work. Set up expectations and plan the roadmap for an optimised strategy and to avoid confusion in the long run. Have weekly meetings to discuss the progress and to fix the issues been faced. When you all are working together, then you will see the success for SEO that both sides are there for.