Types of Client Behaviour That Can Drive an SEO Professional Crazy

Types of Client Behaviour That Can Drive an SEO Professional Crazy

SEO | August 24, 2020

Every business is unique, and each client that walks through the doors of an SEO agency have their own set of issues and goals. Some of these clients will have a genuine interest in learning the right approach of SEO to help their business grow while there will be some clients that may make your work a little more challenging. So, here’s a list of clients that can make an SEO professional go crazy!

Obsessed with position 1:

With vague information of SEO, many businesses believe that SEO is all about earning one of the spots from the top three. Sure, ranking is prestigious, but the main goal of SEO is about increasing your businesses visibility, building a reputation and driving traffic on to your website. Ranking on top isn’t the only way of accomplishing these factors.

SEO replacing PPC:

Some of the businesses working on a limited budget find it difficult to understand that PPC ads are an investment! Paid ads are the fastest way of earning clicks, but companies will look for the same results from SEO. Such expectations lead to disappointment. It doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t adequate; it’s just different compared to PPC.

Just a game of numbers:

It is frustrating when a client wants to see a boost in numbers over everything else. Directing more traffic on their website is a big part of the plan, but it’s the quality of the traffic that matter the most. More than just traffic, focusing on the quality of the traffic will help with the ROI of the business and clients need to understand that.

Immediate results:

Many of the businesses will want the results to show up immediately. They want their brand to start growing as soon as they sign up with an SEO agency. But a business needs to understand that SEO can help bring up their business, but it is a slow process and requires time to build. SEO can rarely provide instant gratification.

Low budget, high expectations:

Businesses would like to maximise their every dollar of their budget when they are working with limited funds. But they also need to understand that their expectations also need to be in line with their budget. Therefore, it is important to make the client aware of what is and what is not included in the service. It is always better to put the realistic goals and expectations down on paper so that their disappoint does not cost your agency’s reputation.

Miracles from an outdated website:

Many businesses would be hesitant to change their beloved web design, and they would not be keen on hearing that their web design possesses a significant threat to the health of their SEO. SEO today is complex and more factors are taken into consideration now, compared to a few years back. UX has an impact on today’s SEO. Some factors that affect SEO are outdated design, slow loading, not being optimised for mobile users, etc.


To handle such clients, an SEO professional needs to communicate with the client, offering them the value and honest outcomes that the clients can expect. This is a way your agency can grow and build healthy relationships with clients.