Mobile App Marketing Services

Mobile App Marketing ideally helps the mobile applications in building and enhancing its app user base. There are over 3 million mobile applications on various play stores, that means the chances of a mobile application reaching its potential user is extremely unpredictable. ValueHits offers best mobile application marketing services to promote almost all kinds of mobile applications.

There are many lookalikes on the app stores

Don’t play the same music that everyone out there is playing. We believe different is noticeable, having an individuality saves you from being lost in the crowd. Before marketing an app, it is important to make it marketable. Our mobile app advertising focuses on this factor.

Hanging on is important

Have you ever tried finding a penny in an ocean? Millions of mobile app installations and un-installations happen every day. Booking a space on a mobile device is not enough, retaining it is the ultimate challenge. Our Mobile App Marketing Services efforts not only grab hold of the user but also keep them motivated to stay.

Research is pivotal

When efforts are intelligently made in the right direction nothing can stop them from giving results. While developing a mobile app marketing strategy, we consider user interests, device, time of day, location, competitor, call to action and app usage data. Research doesn’t guarantee success, but it definitely reduces the chances of failure.

Numbers matter

Yes, numbers do matter in mobile applications, and by numbers, we mean app store ratings, user ratings, number of reviews, number of downloads, number of active users and number of referrals. As a mobile app marketing agency, we help businesses in getting the best numbers and improving the current situation. We work on improving the overall app reputation by providing download rewards, offers and discounts, referral rewards, product recommendations, group benefits and happy hours.

Keeping an eye

The mobile app environment is very vulnerable. The vital application elements that we track to measure its performance are: users- active and dormant, session length, session interval, screen flow, lifetime value, source of download, retention rate, and time in-app. These analysis reports help us in targeted planning.

Action Plan

Our Mobile App Marketing services comprise of target identification, app user acquisition marketing, app user retention marketing, app store optimization, title and keywords analysis, selecting app category, promotion on Social Media – Facebook, twitter and Instagram posts, email marketing, targeted social media ads, push notifications, in-app messages, regular updates, review writing, recommendations, rewards, referrals and tracking.

To popularize your mobile application and to boost downloads get in touch with us. We are one of the leading Mobile App Marketing Agency in India that can help you to promote your android and ios app. You can call us at +91 22 40500600 or mail us at


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