Twitter Advertising Services

Today’s internet savvy generation is tired of traditional advertising, it likes advertising that is faster, less intrusive and can be turned on and off at will. Social media has recently evolved as a strong marketing platform. An all-inclusive social media marketing campaign is incomplete without twitter advertising.

Twitter is a microblogging site, it is about tweeting/broadcasting short messages to the world, the tweets extend interesting content to receivers. It is very popular among fast scrollers who like receiving information at a glance. We believe twitter advertising is about building a follower base consisting of people who are interested in your business and providing them valuable inputs regularly.

Twitter Advertising Schema

Twitter advertising has a very vast scope. When advertising an individual/product/service/event on twitter we use promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts strategy. We desirably show these ads to a mindfully targeted audience. Users can interact with promoted content much like organic content. We try to make the promoted content so fetching that users follow, like and retweet your content. Every retweet carries your name in it.

Reach a diverse audience

Twitter advertising can reach out to everyone having a twitter account, so you can target the global audience. It allows you to establish your brand on a wider domain at affordable prices. Our twitter marketing services try to make your twitter ads more relevant to the user by tracking their twitter account information, interests, keywords, searches, views, location, mobile device, apps installed, cookies and interaction with businesses.

Play with words

Your tweet can be of 280 characters maximum, including hashtags, images, video and hyperlinks. Only 280 characters that’s it, so it should use well framed, precise and to the point text. We have mastered the art of tweeting, we are great at creating short and luring tweets that provoke action.

Be well planned

We fabricate twitter paid advertising campaigns that fulfill business objectives like increasing followers, video views, tweet engagements, leads generation, website clicks or conversion, app installs or re-engagement and subscriptions.
ValueHits Twitter Advertising Agency has a lot to offer in terms of image generation, brand building, selling and increasing reach. To avail our Twitter Marketing Services in India get in touch with us, you can call +91 22 40500600 or mail


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