Amazon Ads

Drive Sales with Amazon Advertising Services

ValueHits offers top-notch Amazon Advertising services to help businesses to increase sales. Our data-driven and highly strategic approach to Amazon Advertising management is aimed at maximizing sales and improving ROI.

Amazon display ads use keyword-targeted ad campaigns to promote advertising. With its algorithmic display of ads based on previously searched terms, Amazon Ads services are becoming increasingly important in today's market for targeting a desired audience. Amazon Ads not only reach a vast audience, but also ensure that buyers see relevant products, simplifying the process and increasing the likelihood of growing a business's customer base.

Our Amazon Advertising services include:

  • Sponsored Products:

    An ad format showcasing your products to Amazon shoppers who are actively searching for similar items.

    • Cost-per-click

    • Show up on product pages and in search results

    • Display goods related to search terms

  • Sponsored Brands:

    These are specifically designed to increase brand awareness and recognition.

    • Cost-per-click

    • Show up in search results

    • Include unique headings, videos, and pictures

  • Sponsored Display:

    These ads target shoppers who have shown interest in your products or similar items.

    • vCPM (cost per thousand viewable impressions) and cost-per-click

    • Both on and off of Amazon

    • Engage customers who are looking to browse, discover, or buy things both on and off of Amazon.

  • Automatic and Manual Targeting:

    We can help you set up both automatic and manual targeting campaigns, giving you greater control over your ad spend and allowing you to reach your ideal customers more effectively.

  • Amazon Video Ads:

    Our team can help you create and manage your Amazon Video Ads, allowing you to showcase your products in engaging, visually appealing video content.

  • Amazon DSP Campaigns:

    We'll help you create and manage your Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) campaigns, using advanced targeting options to reach your ideal customers across Amazon and other sites.

Why Choose Us?

At ValueHits, we understand the importance of Amazon PPC Advertising services for businesses looking to succeed in today's digital landscape. We are committed to deliver top-level services that help our clients grow their product sales.

Amazon Advertising Management Services offer a full range of tools to improve your success with Amazon advertising, from campaign design and keyword research to ad development and performance analysis.

If you're looking for a reliable amazon ads agency, look no further than ValueHits. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you drive more sales and grow your business.

Amazon PPC Advertising Services Plan

Features Bronze Silver Gold
No. of Products Up To 50 50-200 More Than 200
Competitive Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Campaign & Ad Account Setup Yes Yes Yes
Bid Management Basic Advanced Advanced
Keywords Targeting Basic Advanced Advanced
Ad Creation Yes Yes Yes
Sponsored Products Ads Yes Yes Yes
Sponsored Brand Ads (Brand Registered Only) Yes Yes Yes
Product Display Ads No Yes Yes
Promotion, Coupon, Lighting Deal Management No No Yes
Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes