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Let the SEO experts do the talking! As one of India's leading digital marketing company we are proud to offer you the best SEO experts for your business. Our experts help you with top-notch service and support, and optimise your business with the necessary search engine optimisations. Valuehits makes it easy for you to hire SEO experts. Our professional SEO experts offer high-quality SEO work that is tailored to suit any company's specific needs. They can readily provide all sorts of professional SEO strategies for your business. From keyword research, link building, content creation to complete SEO audits - our SEO experts can handle it all! So if you need help boosting your website's ranking in Google's organic search results, contact ValueHits today. If you believe hiring a dedicated SEO expert in India is daunting, Valuehits makes it easy; all it takes is one call/message/email!

Why should you hire an SEO expert from Valuehits

Key points:

  • Expert knowledge of latest changes (Algorithms)

  • Experience range from 1 to 8+years

  • Experience with multiple clients from multiple industries

  • Our experts can create keywords targeted content that correspond to your website

  • Regular directory submissions to different directories

  • Providing quality-centric backlinks

  • Regular social bookmarking to highest visited websites

  • Get you results that will increase your company's visibility online

  • Daily Reporting and Weekly Updates.

  • Monthly rank reporting, Google Analytics analysis, rank analysis & tweaks

Process of hiring a dedicated SEO expert:

  1. We listen to your requirement:

    We listen to your problems, needs, requirements and challenges. Our team then capture every minute detail of your requirements.

  2. Then we shortlist our experts:

    Looking at your requirements, we offer you the right SEO expert that will be best suited to your business needs.

  3. Then they are onboarded:

    Once you choose from the list of SEO experts, they will be onboarded to your business environment

  4. Objective Evaluation:

    We ensure that your SEO journey is smooth sailing through objective evaluation of the progress made with the SEO expert to make sure the project is working in the right direction.

A streamlined journey made possible with our SEO experts

  1. Free consultation:

    You can ask for a free consultation from our SEO experts, who will analyse your website and offer you a detailed checklist of things that can be improved.

  2. Communication:

    You can get in touch with our experts and us through emails, calls, and meets through Skype, Teams or Zoom. The details of your project will be shared through these communications.

  3. Budget and timeline:

    A proposal will be sent to you, finalising all the project timelines, budgets, estimation and quotes, marketing strategies, milestones, etc., through an email.

  4. Agile process:

    Our dedicated SEO experts will share monthly and weekly reports with you. These reports can form the basis for exchanging new ideas and information. You will be updated on changes required, which will be promptly executed on confirmation.

  5. Maintenance:

    SEO experts of Valuehits only offer the best marketing strategies to help improve your website’s performance and bring your site to the top of the rankings.


When can I expect to see results for my SEO Campaigns?
SEO is a gradual process and it requires a long-term investment. When you consult with our dedicated SEO experts of Valuehits, you can expect the results to start showing up in the first three months.
Are there any costs involved when I hire SEO professionals from Valuehits?
There are no hidden costs. When you hire our dedicated SEO marketing expert, all the costs will be communicated to you through the proposal and final agreement.
Why should we hire Search Engine Optimisation Experts from Valuehits?
We have a unique optimization approach. Our dedicated SEO professionals thrive on delivering your expected results and offering optimum productivity throughout the entire project. Our 11+ years of experience helps us meet goals and expectations seamlessly.
Which tools do your experts use for SEO tasks?
Our SEO experts use multiple tools, free and paid, to get the task done accurately.
Do you ensure website ranking on the first page?
SEO is a team play where the SEO experts and the client have to work together to achieve the desired results. Multiple factors like Domain Authority, keywords, competitors, metadata, etc. affect SEO. Therefore, it is unwise to guarantee SEO results.