10 Easy Ways to Attract Followers on Pinterest

Social Media Marketing | March 22, 2013

If you are not on Pinterest, you are definitely lagging behind. It is one of the fastest-growing social media, that has made it the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide. If you already have got a Pinterest account, it is simple to convert it to a business one, however, the next challenge is probably the biggest: how to get high-quality followers and generate buzz for your company.

10 Easy Ways to Attract Followers on Pinterest


Below are 10 tips to do exactly that:

1. Expose Your Brand
People need to know what your brand is about and what have you got to offer. In short show off your brand on Pinetrest. Your username should be the same as your company name, and your gravatar should be your business logo. Think of ways to expose your business more with great images and content.

2. Follow Others on Pinterest
Follow the influencers on Pinterest who post great content and get started. You may also follow people who have similar interests like you or companies and professionals in your industry by using the Pinterest search.

3. Engage
Besides providing your own quality pins and content, it is equally important to provide. You also have to start interacting with others by commenting on their pins and re-pinning their images. It makes your brand more user-friendly and this, in turn, can trigger a higher engagement rate from your followers.

4. Content, Content,Content
Pin exclusive and quality content. This fact cannot be emphasized more as there is all that is to it. Repinning images, making comments and other similar interactions all increase your chance of getting new followers. There is a fine line between sharing engaging content and spamming. If you interact and enjoy what you are doing, your profile is seen automatically. If people like what they see, they will follow you

5. Practice Consistency
Pin regularly. Making your presence felt is the key to getting more friends or followers. Just spending 10-20 minutes in a day is enough and ensures it is not taking much time from your daily tasks. This way you still remain active on Pinterest.

6. Sync With Other Social Websites
The link your accounts with other social sites for maximum reach. With Pinterest, you have the option to do so. Go to settings to configure your sync settings. You can choose only one account or both.

7. Link to Your Website.
Make it easier for people to pin your images by using a Pinterest follow button on your website. Also, have quality images on your site, so that people will want to re-pin.

8. Verify your website
When you verify your website, there will be a little checkmark next to it on your page, letting users know that you’re a reputable source.

9. Create Boards
Boards allow you to showcase your brand’s personality by organizing pins around specific topics within your page. For example, an organic food company may have different boards for gardening, organization and storage, and dinner recipes – among many others. However you do not have to stress as you don’t have to create all of the content that’s going on these boards – the majority of posts on Pinterest are actually re-pins from other users. Pinterest should not be used purely as a medium to promote but also a place to share other content that your brand likes or that might be relevant to your followers.

10. Make your content searchable
If you are sharing recipes, it is always beneficial to add basic descriptions to his food pins, encouraging users to check out the recipe on his website. Use appropriate title keywords in pins to help others find your content quickly and easily. You can also optimize your username, which is limited to 15 characters. If your full company name does not fit, choose something clear and keyword-conscious.
Would you use Pinterest for your business? Let us know!

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