10 PPC Pro Tips For Writing Text Ads

10 PPC Pro Tips For Writing Text Ads

PPC | May 16, 2018

Do you want to learn the art of writing great PPC text ads for digital space? Your ads are designed to achieve certain objectives for your business that is why it is important to build a polished ad copy. In this article ValueHits digital marketing professionals have shared some tips from their years of experience of writing PPC ads.

Following are 10 pro tips for writing PPC text ads:

1. Get a perfect brief

Try to collect as much information as possible about your client's business directly from the client. As the source of information knows better than everyone else. Explore their history, expansion, product/services, future plans, business objectives, target audience and marketing strategy.

2. Write for your target audience

Once you have the brief, formulating an ad message becomes easy. The message is always drafted keeping the target audience at the center. Try to think like your prospects, how would your product/service make their life better and easier, why will your ad interest them and what will be the take away from the ad.

3. Highlight your product/service

If your ad is about the product/service it must show in the ad. Do not beat around the bush, use long and confusing ad texts or try to be too brief. An adequate and complete information about product attracts prospects looking for similar products.

4. What makes you better than your competitors

Always try to explain what is the difference between you and your competitor, why do you have an added edge over them. It is always good to research about competitors, study their ads and then draft your ad based on it.

5. Concentrate on the bigger picture

Think holistically when framing an ad copy and do not let alone a single element repeat multiple times in the same ad or ad extensions. Try to portray your business as a one-stop solution to all your customer needs.

6. Use a clear call-to-action

Clearly specify what you want the prospect to do if they are interested in your ad. A fuzzy call-to-action is equivalent to no call-to-action and may waste all the money you invested in your ad. A powerful ad may fail to generate desired results if you do not tell your target audience what to do next.

7. Merge keywords in ad copy

Try to create keyword rich ad copy but avoid overstuffing keywords. Use keywords judiciously at the right places in the first and second line of the ad text. Keep your ad meaningful and focus on the desired communication objective, do not deviate from it for using keywords. Do not try to fit keywords forcefully into content as it will make the ad copy look weird.

8. Select a headline carefully

In PPC advertising ad headline is the king. Your prospect will decide whether or not to read the full ad based on your headline. A catchy headline increases chances of target audience taking the desired action.

9. Test various ad copies

Try various body copy and headline combinations to find out which works the best for you. Run an ad for a short duration, measure its performance and then compare it with the performance of other ads. Select the ad that has performed the best.

10. Use the potential search phrase

The search phrase that maximum prospects use while looking for the kind of product/service that your business offers should also be a part of your ad copy. It engages the prospect more easily as they feel lucky upon finding exactly what they want.

Writing ad text is no child's play, understanding every aspect is important to create an ad that performs well in the digital marketplace. We hope that these PPC pro tips for writing text ads will help you in creating your next advertisement.

Valuehits is a 360° digital marketing service provider offering unmatched results from mindful use of the digital platform. Contact us if you are ready for advertising on the digital media to accelerate your business.

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