11 SEO Tips To Boost Holiday Sales For E-Commerce Stores

SEO | June 24, 2022

Check out these 11 tips to boost holiday sales for your e-commerce store. Implement these tried and tested tips and witness a boost in sales and revenue this holiday season.

11 SEO Tips To Boost Holiday Sales For E-Commerce Stores


Search for holiday-specific keywords

It's important to consider keywords related to your industry and specific holidays. Try searching for a keyword like Christmas presents rather than simply Christmas. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for finding out what people are looking for and also which pages on your site convert well.

Use an SEO-friendly URL

This can seem counterintuitive, but you don't want your URLs to be too keyword-heavy. If they are, it may give off a spammy vibe and could potentially damage your search rankings. Try to keep things short and sweet—no more than 5 words. Make sure you separate words with hyphens instead of underscores (for readability purposes). Do some test searches on Google for various search terms. Does your site rank for them? Which results have long or short URLs?

Create a holiday landing page

A landing page is a web page designed to persuade visitors to take action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. Dedicate at least one of your top pages for special promotions and deals, preferably with a holiday theme. From December 14 to January 14, design your landing page to represent the holiday spirit and invite customers to enter to redeem coupons and promotions.

Create holiday sale content

Create useful and relevant content around holiday sales to promote your store, reaching your target audience before deciding on their purchases. Use tools like Google Trends to help you identify trends that can boost your sales during holidays and create content around them. Include a targeted call-to-action at the end of each piece of holiday sale content encouraging readers to purchase from your store to boost up your holiday sales.

Create your own Holiday sale links

Linking to sale items in your social media feeds, emails, and website is a great way to boost holiday sales. Sending holiday customers straight to sale pages means they're more likely to buy that item right away than wait for it to go on sale or check back later. But without links that say On Sale or Holiday Specials, it can be hard for customers to know what's been marked down from its normal price.

Know where you stand against your competitors

Online holiday shoppers are looking for deals and quick shipping. Make sure your store is easy to find when they search. Using Search Engine Optimization techniques, it's possible to improve your e-commerce site's position on Google and other search engines so that you appear before or next to larger competitors in the results.

Create holiday gifting guides and videos

If your customers are gifting during holidays, it's crucial to help them make informed purchases. Consider creating gift guides that include top items from your site and videos featuring holiday trends, design tips, and more. Video content is especially effective for e-commerce retailers because it gives people a personal touch—making them feel connected to your brand and more willing to purchase from you. And don't forget about email marketing!

Use social media platforms for the promotion

A huge portion of holiday shoppers (according to a recent survey, 87%) are using social media as a source of product and service information. That's why ensuring your store is active on social media is important. Promote new products and specials; share pictures from a recent event; respond to comments, questions and complaints—whatever you do, make sure it creates an image of a responsive brand that cares about customers.

Keep the entire experience mobile-friendly

Mobile and tablet traffic is steadily increasing, and a big chunk of your sales will likely come from these devices. Make sure you optimize your site for mobile or risk losing out on sales. One way to do that is by making sure it loads quickly and easily on any device. Users may get frustrated with slow load times and bounce right off your site if it's not optimised for mobile. A faster load time means more people see what you have to offer!

Review your technical SEO

In order to make sure that your store is compliant with all of Google's technical requirements, you should review your technical SEO periodically. This includes ensuring that your title tags and meta descriptions are optimized for conversions, that your site has a crawl budget and doesn't exceed it, that you're using schema markup for products and categories, etc.

Your servers should handle the extra load

The holidays are a prime time for e-commerce websites to do well, but keeping up with all of your customers' requests can be difficult if you don't ensure that your server can handle your expected load. Ensuring that you have enough bandwidth and computing power is a must during peak seasons, so you don't end up losing visitors and sales because of downtime. If necessary, enlisting help from a website management company like WebGuild will help ensure your site stays online 24/7.

To conclude

We have listed several ways in which you make the most sales this holiday season. If you found it helpful, do share it with your friends and comment on your thoughts.

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