15 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Email Marketing | May 17, 2018

E-mails have not lost their charm yet, it is still a promising way to find prospects, generate leads and drive sales. Small businesses running online or offline can use E-mail marketing for their benefit.
E-mails can help you in staying connected with prospects and customers across diverse geographies. Following are 15 email marketing tips for small businesses:

1) Easy registration

Don't be hungry for more information. Ask limited information from people wanting to register for your business emails. Avoid asking too much and unnecessary information.

2) Provide perks

If you want to make a mailing list in no time, experiment by providing perks for registration. Try to find what entices your prospects the most and pitch on that. You can offer discounts, free merchandise, coupons, gift cards, event tickets, lucky draws or other benefits to people who register.

3) The position of the registration box

Do not position your registration box in such a way that it is lost in the clutter. Place it appropriately so that it is clearly visible to the website visitors.

4) Inform about the content

Tell your subscribers in advance about the kind of content to expect from your business. This will help them in making an informed decision with reduced chances of unsubscription.

5) Customize the emails

Tailor your emails so that they fit into your prospect's requirements. Do not sell products that are unrelated to your prospects this will result in wasted efforts. Instead of sending a generalized mail to everybody, you can send product-related emails to people who showed interest in it during their site visit.

6) Combine text with images

Your email's text should be easy to read and understand for everybody. A good email is a combination of text and images, use infographics wherever possible. Do not stuff mails with text, as long texts need more reading time, stay precise and to the point.

7) Use social media

Use your social media pages to generate email subscriptions. You can ask your followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to subscribe to your company emails and also explain the perks of doing so.

8) Mailing frequency

Maintain a decent mailing frequency, do not send too many emails frequently. If you promised to send a weekly mailer do not exceed that limit.

9) Mobile Friendly

More often, E-mails are read on mobile, so make sure to create mobile-friendly e-mails. Before making your E-mail campaign live, test it on various devices.

10) Monitor performance

You should not ‘set it and forget it', but once you run it, monitor the campaign performance (email open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate etc.), measure results against set standards, make changes and launch it again.

11) Be persuasive

The aim of your E-mail campaign is to get conversions and not just visits. Enrich your E-mail with a strong subject line and a persuasive body copy. Don't sound like every other mail in their inbox, you want them to purchase, so put your best sales pitch up in the email copy.

12) Sufficient information

Writing too much text is bad, but writing too little is also not good. Incomplete information will not make your potential buyer motivated to buy. For example: If you are a business magazine, make sure to provide all necessary information about the subscription process in your E-mail.

13) Ask for verification

This step in E-mail marketing ensures that your e-mails are heading to authentic addresses. Focus on building a quality mailing list rather than increasing the number of E-mail contacts. Ask for verification from subscribers to avoid mailing to inactive accounts.

14) Test your emails

Before shooting an E-mail campaign, test various variants of E-mails. You should try options of mail text, subject line, time of sending, incentives and mail images. Measure results on a small number of subscribers and then launch the full-scale campaign.

15) Promote social media links

It is always good to connect with prospects in multiple places. Promote links to your social media pages through E-mails. Ask subscribers to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

We hope that the 15 Email marketing tips for small businesses discussed in this blog will help businesses in running a matured E-mail campaign. Contact ValueHits to know more about our email marketing services and we will help you in designing and launching a result-driven E-Mail campaign.

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