2021 SEO tips and tricks

2021 SEO tips and tricks

SEO | June 9, 2021

With the constantly evolving Google algorithm, you need to be on your toes at all times to stay in the game. Here are some on-page SEO tricks you can follow and adapt to keep your website on top of those search engine result pages:

1. There needs to be a high focus on user experience. Google uses RankBrain to monitor the user’s interaction with your website found from Google search results. If the user goes back to the results page, that means your website either didn’t solve the user’s query or the user experience was unsatisfactory. Therefore, you should make your website clutter-free and offer a simple, elegant, yet informational experience to your website users.

2. Try making use of videos wherever possible. Videos are found to be a source for huge traffic especially when it is well made and optimized. Video-based content possesses huge potential and is quite significant for your SEO. Hosting videos on platforms like YouTube offers a place for users to come back and watch the videos later. Videos offer content to the users in a more in-depth form. It has the potential to increase user engagement for your website quite significantly. Users will choose to watch a short video more than reading a short article.

3. Finding a place in featured snippets offers a great boost to your traffic. Only 11% of the search results have witnessed featured snippets, it is an untapped territory where websites can find more traffic. Featured snippets carry more information than a typical search result and are displayed on the search engine result pages. This extra information displayed by Google shows that the information is approved by Google, which helps to bring more users to your website. Featured snippets usually have images, tables, videos, or bullet points from your content. They stick out more than the highest-ranked websites.

4. Make sure to set up your Google My Business page to show the users that your business is legitimate. GMB pages offer relevant information about your business to the users looking for you. It offers information like your location, what you do, timings, etc.

5. Optimize your images and minimize your code to improve your website’s page load speeds. This helps to improve the user experience of your website. Time is precious, and minimized page load speeds help your website stay relevant.

6. Make use of an XML sitemap to make your website crawlable by search engine bots.

7. Make use of structured data to help Google understand the website content and its relevancy. If you are a business looking to up your marketing game, you can reach out to the professional SEO company in Mumbai – Valuehits. We can help you curate a customized digital marketing plan that will help your business create an online presence in no time!

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