2022 Trends of Content Marketing

2022 Trends of Content Marketing

Content Writing | January 19, 2022
2022 Trends of Content Marketing


What will content marketing look like in 2022? It's hard to predict, but it will probably look pretty different from what we see today. The constant change of trends in this industry means that you need to stay on top of your game if you want to succeed in the next few years, and this guide on what the future of content marketing looks like will give you some tips on how to do that. Some of these tips may even help you get a head start right now, so don't waste any time—start reading!

Instantaneous demand for quality and relevant content

It's going to be a struggle to write relevant and useful content because customers will have an easier time doing their own research. They will also have a lower tolerance for fluff, which means you won't be able to get away with any padding at all in your content. People will always want high-quality writing, but they'll demand it even more as time goes on. There will be much less tolerance for low-quality or throwaway content – meaning that if you don't work harder on creating incredible articles and getting them out there, someone else definitely will.

Critical focus on intent

The marketing world is starting to focus more and more on intent. With Facebook and other social media sites, you can advertise to people based on what they want. So instead of putting an ad out there that just says, Buy my product, a company could ask, Do you have acne? And then it can put out an ad that says something like 10 Tips for Clear Skin. By targeting people with specific questions or needs and answering them with helpful content (that's also in line with their business goals), companies can move beyond advertising alone to creating dedicated communities within social networks. The hope is that they'll feel safe enough to start making purchases by showing people you understand them.

Data-driven content planning

One major trend will be taking a data-driven approach to content planning. Today, some marketers still rely on informal evidence when it comes to which content and tactics perform best for their business. However, that won't be acceptable in five years' time anymore. Companies that want to stay ahead will invest in research-based content and strategy. This is especially true for B2B companies, who will increasingly have to adopt a buyer-centric mindset – both online and offline – in order to drive higher engagement and conversions at every stage of their buyers' journey.

Focus on real-time insights

In five years' time, you'll see content marketing continuing to gain traction across a wide range of verticals. But, by 2022, you'll also see that inbound marketing is shifting to focus on real-time insights rather than a one size fits all approach. This change will allow customers to receive information tailored to their specific needs – at any given moment. It will also make it easier for them to find what they need and know who they can trust.

Rise in dynamic content creation

When was the last time you saw a billboard or heard a radio ad that wasn't interactive? As technology continues to progress and consumers are bombarded with digital content, we'll see advertisers adapting. The future of marketing will be less about interrupting viewers and more about enabling them to find information on their own. Where print media used to be filled with advertisements, expect dynamic content creation to become a primary focus of commercial publishing in 2022. With digital platforms opening up new avenues for distribution, marketers will be able to push messaging out quickly without having to wait for physical copies to be produced and distributed. This might seem like it's far off from today—but consider where we were 15 years ago and how much things have changed since then!


Content marketing will get more interactive and data-driven. Over time, consumers are becoming increasingly normal to getting personalized messages from brands they follow online. And while we don't expect that trend to change over the next few years, what will evolve is how brands incorporate these conversational elements into their content—particularly through chatbots, which may eventually replace influencers as a primary distribution channel for branded content in 2022. Get ahead of the curve for content marketing with Valuehits - the best content writing agency in Mumbai.

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