4 Ways To Boost E-commerce Lead Generation Using Content

SEO | March 1, 2018

In e-commerce, the competition is increasing exponentially, with millions of new businesses joining the mob every year. This roots in the fact that not only brick and mortar stores are gaining e-commerce stores but also solely online businesses are growing. Lead generation being the most difficult task for all of them.

4 Ways To Boost E-commerce Lead Generation Using Content


Today, we will try to simplify lead generation for e-commerce businesses through this article. Explore how content can help your business in generating new leads, read below:

1) Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool capable of generating potential leads. To drive content marketing efforts in the right direction a business must always answer these 5 w's of content marketing:

1. Why do you want to market content?

2. Who is your target audience?

3. When will you post content?

4. What results do you expect from content?

5. Where will you promote your content?

In a nutshell, your answers to the above questions will help you in drafting a sound content marketing strategy, that will be directed to meet your goals.

2) Search Engine Friendly Content

Maximum purchases begin on search engines, that is why SEO friendly content matters a lot. Search engines have their own protocol for indexing content on web pages. Long form and informative content/blogs perform really well in search results. Ranking well is the key to generating wholesome organic leads for your e-commerce website. Be unique, be consistent and use keyword rich content in your online communication.

3) Social Media

Social media is overloaded with users sharing diversified content, businesses use their social profiles to post and share content about their product and services. Maintain a consistent social media presence of your e-commerce business, and keep your audience engaged with the informative and entertaining content. Promote your offers and discounts, happy hours, clearance sale, new arrivals and upcoming events on social channels. Linkedin is the best when talking about the B2B lead generation. From search engine to social media content is undoubtedly the key to lead generation.

4) E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is the strongest pillar of digital marketing. It has been used by digital marketers since ages as a weapon to conquer the digital space. A catchy headline, body copy, and great closing can do as much as a blog or website content can do to persuade a prospect. It is a unidirectional arrow that shoots the bubble in the right place to leave no froth. If formulated thoughtfully, it educates, entertains and motivates the reader to take the intended action. Personalize your emails to further connect with prospects and generate more leads.

Being successful at E-Commerce needs a lot of consistent efforts targeted to one single goal and that is “sales”. Lead generation is just a step on the sales ladder, to convert a potential lead into a sale is the real success. We hope that this article has helped you in understanding the basics of lead generation through content.

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