5 Myths debunked in Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing | March 9, 2013

Marketing departments are under more pressure than ever before to develop effective campaigns that entice and at the same time build loyalty with existing consumers. These are basically a list of things you hear around you at your workplace or things people blindly follow which can be detrimental.

5 Myths debunked in Digital Marketing


Myth 1: Every site visitor is important
Each visitor is important and that is fine, but businesses can benefit more if they have the visibility of he different values of each customer. Individual visitor profiling means collecting key data from visitors in order to put together a picture of who they are. Is he/ she a single customer or buying on behalf of a business? If we have more insight about our visitors, we can predict future visitor behaviours and target each person with offers and personalized content based on their individual needs.

Myth 2: There is no money to invest in unexplored ideas
You may feel tried and tested campaigns are safer to invest rather than experimenting with a new idea that they believe will require the assistance of an external expert. Due to this, many ideas never become a reality. An expert is not always required as the latest tools and services let marketers experiment with new ideas and measure their success in real time. It is understandable that campaigns can get expensive and that deters companies from availing new ideas. If the campaign is a success, there is more money to continue to experiment in the future.

Myth 3: Purchasers are more valuable browsers
A visitor who has previously made a purchase is likely to buy again. Although concentrating on attracting new customers is what will really grow and strengthen brands. Persuading browsers to become purchasers is the biggest achievement, but building a visitor profile of these potential customers is key. Understanding which campaign has driven them to the site will help marketers to more efficiently target them in the future, thus enticing them to return and place an order.

Myth 4: Old media is gone !
The latest fad claiming that the old media is dead is generating momentum. However, the fact is that if people are willing to buy it, it is alive, and the only reason that people buy things is if they believe there is value in the purchase. Broadcast media still has many uses.

Myth 5: Customers do not bother reading the mails as they are bombarded by emails anyways
Spamming customers or potential customers is surely going to annoy them. What usually works are targeted emails with offers and content directed to the individual. Many marketers continue to push out additional generalised emails at the same time, undoing their previous good work laid. Marketers should be looking to tailor every email campaign they issue. This does nor mean manually creating mail, but using real time triggers. For example, if a customer abandons a basket, a trigger can be set which means an email is sent to them to encourage them to continue with the purchase.

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