5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Marketing | February 7, 2018

Social Media Optimization deals with increasing awareness about a business and drive traffic through social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. It is an amalgamation of SEO tactics and social media, where optimization activities are focused on social media. Social Media Marketing agency take actions to enhance social presence and become widely discussed. Following we have discussed in detail the top 5 rules of SMO:

5 Rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO)


1) Share Engaging Content

Create content to hook audiences that come across it. Your choice of words, time of posting, language used, communication message, etc. are some of the factors involved. Social media is social by default, so communicating is a must, but communicating effectively is the key. Share content that spurs discussion and comments from fans and followers, make the best use of occasions, events and news happening around you to give your content a more personalized touch.

2) Simplify Sharing

Allow users to share the content that they like with their friend circle, so as to attract more followers. Do not forget to place social share buttons on your blogs, articles and other web content. It is a common practice nowadays to motivate visitors to share content on social media.

3) Reward Engagement

Who does not feel happy on receiving perks for doing something? Rewarding visitors for social engagement is similar to generic promotional offers. The sole intention behind rewarding is not limited to making the customer happy, but is actually directed towards building a deeper engagement that extends the reach of the social content and increases the chances of getting referrals and repeat engagement. This can be done by running contests and polls on social media and announcing rewards for participation.

4) Passionately Share Content

Create profiles on all prominent social networking sites and share content on them. Content can be in the form of texts, video, audio, pdf, slides or documents depending on the type of social site and the message to convey. Do not hold down your social presence for any reason, staying consistent is as important as staying competitive. You can share owned content or other content related to your business or anything that engages your audience and is aligned with your overall communication objective.

5) Remixing Content

Allow social media users to remix your content with their own to create a remix or blend and take ownership of it. It is always great for your business if the brand grows by all means. You can allow the audience to share your video or images as their own and providing them the ability to alter it to suit their needs, this social mashup helps you in penetrating the social web.

I hope that the above rules of Social Media Optimization will help you in gaining big at social media platforms. ValueHits follows these 5 rules for all its clients, these are powerful enough to draft an unmatched social presence. We have served many socially snoozing businesses and transformed their social identity, now they enjoy a wider, healthier and fairer social reach. Apart from SMO, we are equally good at SEO, PPC, SEM, Mobile App Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Content Writing and White Labeled Services.

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