5 Things That Really Great Online Media Buyers Do

Social Media Marketing | March 15, 2018

Media buying is a famous practice that digital marketers use to expand the online presence of a business. To get the best media deal you need to conquer the art of negotiation and secure the least possible price for the best placement to get maximum return on investment.

5 Things That Really Great Online Media Buyers Do


The below mentioned five media buying practices are used by successful media buyers making the best use of the digital ad spaces.

1) The target audience
Identifying target market is important to protect the money you invest from being wasted by producing low-quality traffic. Your advertisement should cover maximum target audience. Filter your placement criteria, discard websites that do not cater to your target audience. Placing your ad on a site where your prospects usually visit increases your chances of getting a conversion. If you are selling cosmetics then you should choose sites that females mostly visit like beauty blogs, apparels, and jewelry sites.

2)The Budget
Set a reasonable budget for your advertising campaign depending on your campaign objective. Distribute your money in such a way that every ad in the campaign receives sufficient portion. Pre-plan your budget before launching the campaign, always stick to it, whatever happens, this will save you from spending extra amount and landing up in losses.

3)Work on the Design
A good design can work like magic for your advertisement. Knowing how your ad will actually look on the screen will help you in improving its aesthetics and trimming shortcomings. Use high-quality images and design effects that enhance the look and feel of your ad.

4) Compare Media
Conduct a media shopping and compare various media where you can place your ad. Find out websites that offer lower rates and better ad positions among the available media options. This will have a two-way impact it will save your money and promote ad performance. It does not solely rest on lowest rates, but on potential media, that can help your ad in generating sales leads.

5) Performance Tracking
Great media buying results can only be achieved with regular media monitoring and performance tracking. Calculating return on investments helps us in planning future campaigns that are free from mistakes that we did in our current campaign. Tracking empowers us with statistics which serve as a proof that how our campaign is actually performing. To make efficient use of available budget tracking is crucial, we will increase investment in media that are producing better results and cut down investment in media that are underperforming.

We hope that the above article will help you in enhancing media buying skills for digital media. ValueHits is into media buying and ad placement, we have great expertise in planning an ad strategy that matches client's business objectives and delivers excellent advertising results. We have worked for many national and international clients from industries like medical, hospitality, tourism, education, healthcare, consumer goods, and others. Our media buying team is great at negotiating ad spaces to achieve the best deal. If you want to advertise your business online, contact us.

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