7 Potential Social Media Marketing Tips For 2018

SEO | May 9, 2018

Social media is a crowded street with many options to lure customers on their way. The social media experience will get bigger and better in 2018 for both buyers and sellers, regardless of the industry or span of business. Your key to getting an edge over the competition is to fabricate an outstandingly effective social media marketing strategy.

7 Potential Social Media Marketing Tips For 2018


Following are 7 amazing Social Media Marketing tips which will work extraordinarily in 2018:

1) Stay Active

Be visible all the time, do not keep your doors shut. Keep posting and sharing stuff to keep your audience engaged and happy. It can be hectic and time-consuming, but at the end, results will be worth it. Inactivity and overactivity both are not recommended. Maintain posting once or twice daily for consistency.

2) Use Images

The attention span of social media users has reduced excessively. Expecting people to read a long trail of words is stupid. Social media provides liberty to businesses to use text, image, and videos. Using eye-catching images with your social media posts increases your chances of captivating users. This can lead to a higher engagement rate, enhanced likes and increase in followers count.

3) Schedule Posts

Scheduling your social media posts can be of great help in maintaining optimal online visibility. Prepare your posts in advance and schedule them as per requirement. This will save your time and keep you organized. For this, you can create a social media calendar for a week or month. By making use of the scheduling system, you can manage the frequency and timing of posting like a pro.

4) Share Videos

Visual content has an edge over written content undoubtedly. The text is good, images are great, but videos are phenomenal. A video is far more influential than image or text as it is dynamic and engages your eyes and ears simultaneously. Post your video content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Videos will increase engagement rate and the time spent on your page.

5) Advertise

Pretty much almost all social media channels allow businesses to advertise on them. With the growing crowd on social media, the number of businesses advertising on social media has grown excessively. You can target your ads to prospects who you believe to be interested in your business. Paid advertisements can give your brand the much-needed cost-effective exposure.

6) Customizable Chatbots

Chatbots are the latest development in social media. It is imperative to reply to communications on social media, chatbots make this work easy for you. It is nearly impossible for any business to promptly respond to all queries and comments instantaneously. However, with customizable chatbots, you can respond to chats and messages through programmed responses.

7) Draft Instagram Stories

It was not long ago that Instagram stories were introduced to users and very quickly they became popular. At this point in time, using Instagram stories to boost engagement can bring really promising results. You can also add a link to your landing page or any other page in your Instagram story.

Social media marketing is no more an option, rather it has become a necessity for businesses. We hope that these 7 Social media marketing tips will help you in growing social presence and increase conversions through social channels.

ValueHits has a team of Social Media Marketing experts with vast experience of all social channels, we are proficient in generating buzz through paid and non-paid posts. Contact us if you want to make the best use of social media marketing techniques to accelerate your business.

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