8 Killer Facebook Contest Ideas For Your Business

8 Killer Facebook Contest Ideas For Your Business

Social Media Marketing | May 10, 2018

A Facebook contest is a powerful way to engage an audience, increase followers and drive traffic to your Facebook page.

In this article, we will find out 8 killer Facebook contest ideas that you can use to boost your online presence.

1) A Facebook Live Contest

Facebook live is awesome for generating buzz about your contest. Tell your audience about the contest in the starting of your video and mention its details in the video description. To keep the excitement intact, announce about how to enter the contest at the end of the live video. Also, to announce your contest winners you can go live. This is a classic way to keep your viewers tuned.

2) Image Caption Contest

Allow your audience to get creative by letting them provide a caption for an image. The added bonus is that the comments are so entertaining that other entrants enjoy reading them. All the engagement will eventually increase your brand exposure.

3) “Come Up With An Idea” Contest

These contests are amazing as they allow people to connect with your brand as their very own. They allow participants to come up with new ideas where they can use their creativity and experience. Through the contest, you can invite ideas for naming a new product, event ideas, marketing ideas, or new product ideas. Reward the best one.

4) Fill in The Blank Contest

In this contest, you ask people to fill the blank in a sentence or paragraph with what they think best suits the blank. They can come up with unique answers depending on their perspective. In your fill in the blank statement, you can ask fans about their favorite product, or their opinion about your product, etc.

5) Fan of The Week Contest

To select the fan of the week, ask your fans to share a photo or video of their own. Reward the best one as the winner. The winner will definitely get some goodies or coupon from you, along with getting their winning announcement and Facebook profile shared with your audience.

6) Run a Quiz

A quiz is highly shared compared to other contests. Quizzes are a great way to engage the audience and increase contest entries. Do not make the quiz too complicated, keep it simple for promoting more entries.

7) Instant Contest

Create and publish instant contests. Users get a chance to win something if they enter the contest. Users can enter the contest in a single click and the rest information is fetched from their profile. They get to know instantly whether they are a winner or not. As these contests are very fast, it is possible to engage plenty of entrants.

8) A Q&A Contest

The Q&A contest is really easy to publish. Just ask your fans to answer an easy question, and reward the best answer. You will receive diverse answers to the same question.

Contests are a great way to attract audiences' attention and engage them. The trend of posting Facebook contests is picking up the pace and soon many businesses are going to connect with it.

If you want to publish contests for your business, contact ValueHits to know more our Facebook marketing services. We will use our expertise, experience, and wit to make your contest super successful.

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