Are You Posting Platform-Specific Content?

Are You Posting Platform-Specific Content?

Social Media Marketing | December 24, 2019

Are you sharing every piece of content on all social media platforms? Are you creating platform-specific content for every social media platform? If the first answer is yes and the second answer is no, you need to keep on reading.

Every social media platform do not share the audience - there may be similarities, even you will find the same people on different platforms, but each platform operates in its own bubble. Therefore, you should be posting different content on each platform - and it will help you boost your engagement by quite a margin! But what should you be posting where? Here’s where you need a social media marketing strategy. Since every platform has its own set of audience, their expectations vary. That’s why your same post on every platform won’t get the same engagement on all platforms. So, here’s a general guideline on what you should be posting on which platform:

1) Facebook:

Videos, especially live videos, are considered the best content types for Facebook Advertising Services . Video posts have seen better engagement and reach compared with other post types. How-to videos have seen to work the best on Facebook, along with blog posts, summarised into a video.
Blog posts and curated content have also gained traction on Facebook. Sharing high-quality third party content from pages and sites have helped many pages grow.

2) Instagram:

Being a photo-sharing platform, it goes without saying that sharing high-resolution photos is the way to go for on Instagram. Instagram has become a haven for people to post their best photos. Visual aesthetics is the aspect you should be aiming for. The type of photos you can post include:
If you are selling physical products, then you can include high-res images of your product
Behind-the-scenes photos is another popular type of picture that works on Instagram
Sharing high-quality user-generated content also works wonders on getting those engagement rates high.
Another popular type of content that works on this photo-sharing platform is quotes. If your brand can manage to post a quote accompanied by great artwork, then you will see excellent traction.
With Stories on Instagram, you can be flexible with what you post, which would then disappear in 24 hours. You can post How-to tutorials, promote your blog, announce offers, etc. on your Instagram Stories.

3) Twitter:

Most people who use Twitter is for the latest news. Twitteratis access this platform to stay updated with what’s happening around them. Around 40% of them use Twitter to find out about breaking news, and 39% use it to keep up with the news in general.
Twitter is another platform where you can get traction with blog posts and curated content. Since people tweet several times a day, you can share blog posts and curated content more than once per day.
GIFs also work well on Twitter. Twitter is one of the best platforms to share GIFs.

4) LinkedIn:

Being a professional network, you can focus on posting jobs and career information on LinkedIn. You can find potential hires on LinkedIn; therefore, you can showcase your page to display your company’s culture, your employees’ experience in your company and their achievements, etc.
You can share news and milestones of your company on your LinkedIn company page.
It would help if you stuck to professional content when it comes to sharing content on LinkedIn. The content types can be training webinars, whitepapers, case studies, etc.

5) Pinterest:

Pinterest is the best place to share infographics, thanks to its vertical image support. Your infographics should be in the 2:3 aspect ratio for best results.
Step-by-step guides and tutorials perform well on Pinterest.


These are general guidelines on posting platform-relevant content. Social media is evolving; therefore, stay updated to the latest trends and keep yourself ahead of your competition. If you find it overwhelming with all these different forms of content for different platforms, consider hiring one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in India - ValueHits! Our dedicated team is continuously at work to improve your business presence online. For more details, you can visit our website or give us a call.

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