Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Every Business Must Know

Social Media Marketing | January 25, 2021

Social media marketing is a play with creativity and strategy. Though this may sound overwhelming, its importance cannot be overstated. Did you know 97% of the marketers use social media, and 78% of the salespeople outsell their peers by using social media for their business? And on top of all that, there are benefits that exceed far beyond that just increasing sales.


Here are the benefits of using social media marketing for your business:


Create brand recognition:


Consumers buy from brands they recognize, and that’s why gaining brand recognition is one of the top-most priorities of any business. Here’s where social media helps businesses to recognize a brand easily and effectively. Social media helps the brand have their own voice and personality over the platform, allowing them to communicate with their consumers and prospects. The visual appeal on networking platforms also accounts for a brand to be recognized.


Generating conversion:


Engage with your audience when they comment on your social media posts. Make them feel there’s a person behind the brand and not a robot speaking with them. This personalized appeal helps them feel more like a valued customer. Focus on content that can naturally create a conversation like offering a shoutout to other companies in your network, soliciting feedback about your products, asking open-ended questions, etc.


Connecting through social listening:


Social listening is the act of monitoring social conversations around a certain topic. See what the people in your industry are talking about and be a part of it. Participate in trends that are relevant to your audience and help them get closer to your brand.


Tell a story:


Social media is the best place to share your brand’s success stories and missions. An effective story can have a huge impact on your audience and their perception of your brand. These stories can be simple or extensive, depending upon what you think will be the most effective. Share stories of people who use your products/services. Sharer great feedback and spread the message that your product is effective!


Gather information from your audience:


Audience research is similar to social listening; here, you search for keywords your audience are using for certain specific products. Social media is a great place to gather such information. Such information is readily available at places like your Facebook page's insights, or the insight section of your Twitter, etc.


Exceptional customer service:


Most customers now expect them to get their queries resolved through social media. Therefore, to build a strong brand online, you will need to reinforce your customer service. Your customer service should build meaningful relationships with your customers and fulfill their demands and queries effectively. Social media allows for immediate interactions and feedback from customers. Therefore, there should be a great deal of focus on your social media customer service strategy.




You simply cannot ignore social media marketing services. With literally billions of people online waiting to experience your brand, you cannot go wrong with social media marketing. The right marketing service can take your brand from nothing to everything in no time, just like us at ValueHits – one of the social media agencies in Mumbai !

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