Best SEO Practices for Launching a New Website

SEO | October 19, 2019

Whether you are a multinational company or a humble startup, launching your very own website is one of the most significant milestones of your business. When you think about all the factors that constitute an excellent website, think about SEO, as it a critical part of the process. If you aren't familiar with the SEO aspect of your website, consider consulting an Search Engine Optimization company to assist you in the process.

Best SEO Practices for Launching a New Website


The results of SEO are visible only in the long-term. Immediate results are rare, but the first steps you take can have a significant impact on your website's potential rank on the search engine. Everything depends on the targeted keywords, and these bring in traffic, leads and sales for the business.

Here's all you need to do before you deploy your new website:

1) The Right URLs:


You need to get your URLs right, and it should be the first thing you need to do on a priority basis. A clean, customised, uncluttered URL goes a long way when it comes to aiding organic ranking. These right URLs help in showing off your structure and context in the right direction.

Ensure that the keywords are accurately integrated into your URLs. Additionally, take care of unnecessary characters in the URL - keep it clean and comfortable to read. The examples are as follows:

Bad URL:
Good URL:

2) Metadata optimisation:


Your website's every page needs to have a unique meta-title and meta-description. This meta-information helps the users understand the context of your page much comfortably. Excellently described meta-information includes exact keywords and apt descriptions of the content of the page. Be wary of the length of the title and keywords that are being used while constructing the title and description for different pages.

The meta-information shared appears in the Google searches, right below the link. Therefore, keep the information concise and precise will help users learn better about your webpage. ValueHits - an SEO company in Mumbai can help you optimise your image for your website and more!

3) Images:


The images and graphics you use on your website are an integral part of, not just your user's experience, but also the SEO. You need to add alt tags to the images so they can be optimised for the search engines. Al tags or Alternate text is the description of an image that is used by the search engine to understand the context of the picture. Since it cannot read the photos, these alternate tags come in handy for the search engines to understand what the setting of the image is. Also, these tags are displayed to the user should the image fails to load.

4) Generate sitemap:


Sitemaps tell the search engines where to find the relevant content on your site. This site mapping then allows the search engines to crawl and index the website accurately. OG (Open Graphic) metadata is the set of data that a webpage provides to major social networking platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) which allows them to display your links better. This metadata enables your webpage to become a 'rich' object on these social networking platforms. An SEO company in Mumbai like ValueHits can help you with your website's site mapping

5) Analytics and tracking:


Analytics and monitoring are foundation stones of entire search engine optimisation strategies. It assists in estimating the conversions and the traffic your website is receiving and accordingly modify the strategy. Activating the Google Search console helps the search engine with the indexing. This also helps in identifying the potential errors that need to be fixed and optimise the pages that need streamlining.

Google Analytics is also a tool that helps provide critical data with regards to your website traffic and user behaviour. It analyses your site for changes and provides you with results that you can use for optimising your strategies accordingly.



Website optimisation isn't quick, simple or a one-time affair. But you need to start somewhere to get somewhere. Therefore, get somewhere with the assistance of an SEO company in Mumbai like ValueHits. Our dedicated SEO will ensure your business's website is at its level best at all times. For more details, call us or visit our website.

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