Beware of Wrong Moves in Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing | December 26, 2017

A simple marketing mistake can derail your entire marketing campaign, which can result in loss of significant business revenue. Marketing is one of the best investments that companies make to take their business a step ahead and generate better ROI. If done properly, your marketing strategies will definitely pay off.

Mobile Applications are no different, they also feed on marketing for branding and revenue generation. Mobile application marketing is subject to many valuable market and technology considerations. You can frame an app marketing strategy, but you can never guarantee its success. A close monitoring of current marketing performance, and evaluation of errors, is pivotal for strategy improvement. Let's take a closer look at some of the most common mobile app marketing mistakes that you should beware of in future.

Promoting a not-so-user-friendly mobile application

What's the point of promoting an application so aggressively that is not even user-friendly? What an end-user looks for in an application is minimum disruption and high-performance. If you go astray to such crucial aspects of marketing, you'll probably experience negative outcomes. Applications must be mobile-optimized, assuring proper functioning and better user-experience.

Not tailored for different platforms

Android, iOS & Windows the application must be designed to support the complete range of mobile platforms. Android OS is far different from iOS and the same application may function distinctly on both the platforms. For seamless performance, be sure the application is tailored for every mobile operating system, this will enable your mobile marketing strategy to run smoothly. Also, make sure to follow the developer guidelines set for each platform to avoid any issues later.

Too much information for registration process

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think whether you would provide so much information that is not even relevant to the application. Businesses make the mistake of asking too much data from the user or involving a long process for registration. This is more likely to irritate them and they may take a step back. Customer data is a valuable marketing asset, but asking for too much of it can work against your strategy. Keep it simple and subtle. Instead of asking for their home address or contact details ask them for their email addresses, or ask for login through Google or Facebook.

Failing to understand consumer requirements

Consumers have set the bar high for businesses and they look out for a platform that is best in every aspect and meets their expectations. The consequences are obvious, if you fail to deliver what they demand. In the case of mobile applications, you can't afford to miss out any point be it your content, images or small things like icons, description, etc. Don't make a lot of promises to your customers that you won't be able to deliver. Too much of anything can be a risk for your business. Users have a powerful weapon – the review option – which is capable of influencing other users and a bunch of negative reviews is enough to turn your customers away. Moreover, the review factor is counted when it comes to application search ranking.

The mobile app ecosystem is evolving continuously and every detail is important for marketers. There is no perfect mobile app marketing strategy offering proven solution, but what an app business can do is, make an app strategy that is near perfect, with only a few errors. Committing healthy mistakes is good, it helps you in improving, but you need to be cautious about those mistakes that can have an adverse effect on your business. A properly designed mobile app marketing strategy will eventually help organizations in improving brand image, building online presence, escalating downloads, user engagement and retention and increasing return on investment.

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