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So what you do know about Blogging and Content Marketing? Do you think both are the same? Are you confused about where to put your focus on? This article will clear all doubts and confusions related to blogging and Content Marketing.

Many companies hire SEO copywriting services to create a positive intuition about their brand in the online community. The majority of the audience also feel positive about a brand after reading a blog with custom content. But these custom blogs are enough to convert leads and grow your audience. Brands who opted for content marketing saw six times more conversions than non-adopters. So here, we explain why blogging and content marketing is different and why should one focus more on content marketing to get more results.


You might have heard about this term before, and it has been quite popular in recent days. Blogging comes from truncating the word “weblog” and refers to the publishing informational content in written format on a website. Different types of blogs include personal blogs, corporate blogs, political blogs, etc. You can hire blog writing services to get custom made blogs uploaded on your website.

Content Marketing:

Blogging alone isn’t enough for businesses alone. Blogging is a fantastic way to engage the audience. But for blogging to be effective, it needs to be a part of some result-driven more significant process. That process is content Marketing. To put it into words, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content to attract and retain a defined audience. You can make use of content writing services to curate strategies that’ll entice the audience with your blogs.

This defined audience is referred to as a buyer persona. This persona is a well-researched set of audience that’s ideal for your business. The carefully curated relevant and valuable content is tailored to this audience. Trust is built in this process as customers are intrigued with the content and are later converted into loyal ones.

The way the audience acquires the content is the main difference between blogging and content marketing. It is more than just interruption-based marketing. Customers must feel free to engage with a brand on their own will. Buyers naturally feel distrusted when someone tries to sell them something. People do not want to be treated like a potential sale. Therefore, you need to learn to communicate your product/service to them, not market them. Apart from blogging, content marketing also comes in many different forms like podcasts, video content, infographics, white papers, social media, and illustrations. All this content is optimised for each of the buyer’s journey.

When choosing between blogging and content marketing, you should be doing both. You need to start with content marketing, and you need to align your blog accordingly. A blog will not drive any organic traffic if it is not a part of a content marketing strategy. Content marketing provides value to your blog. If blogging is a tool, the environment around it is content marketing.

You need to develop content marketing tactics if you are blogging. These tactics can be in the form of social media, email marketing, and multimedia content. These tactics enable you to build on the success of your blog and drive stronger results from your content marketing.

At ValueHits, there’s a great balance between blogging and content marketing. Every blog achieves value with our content marketing strategies. And not only the blog but the audience also feel valued; therefore, there’s trust between the customers and the brand. This trust enables them to convert into leads and ultimately sell the products and services. To learn more about our Content Marketing Services, feel free to give us a call or visit our website for more information.

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