Content Marketing Pulls the Strings & Videos Make Good Puppets

Digital Marketing | September 24, 2013

Content marketing supported by video is the 'it' thing to do. You content could not be more emphasized with a video. You may love your data and surveys, but the video is something people will instantly watch. Content Marketers are still experimenting with the idea of video. Video is like a pandora's box, and a lot has to be explored within it.

Content Marketing Pulls the Strings & Videos Make Good Puppets


There are three distinct factors that drive content marketing and the critical role video plays within each. The first factor is that the key buyers are becoming increasingly influenced by video. Secondly, marketers need better feedback for their content and thirdly there is a mounting pressure to show content ROI. A marketer always tries to engage the buyers in the best possible way. This requires constant assessment of what the content marketers are seeking and how they choose to consume it. In the B2B galaxy, the more you engage the better, as it helps in understanding the content consumption behaviors of C-level executives.

Did you know that more than 80 percent are watching more online video today than a year ago? A study shows that over 75 percent said they watched work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly. It is also true that the need for or short, well-scripted and relevant video content is all the more critical as the rise of content marketing has created an information overload for one person to digest.

Your count, or click-through rate, tells you if there's interest in the content. The time or attention-span data, tells you if the actual video content is compelling and engaging. It is just not about compelling content, but also about creating effective feedback loops. Without this, how will you know if the content were actually consumed, partially consumed or for how long it was watched. When video comes in, the nature of counts and time elements in the analytics reveals a lot. You can know how many times a video was played (count) and how long it was watched. Your count, or click-through rate, tells you if there is interest in the content. The time, or attention-span data, tells you if the actual video content was compelling and engaging.

That is a huge win over traditional copy on a Web page, which leaves marketers all but empty-handed about which pieces of content readers found most engaging, including how much of it they read. If your people are dropping off your 90-second video after 10 seconds, you would want to know why and adjust accordingly.

By capturing user level information and feeding the data into marketing automation or CRM tools, marketers can segment, score, and nurture leads. You can not only tell the specific line of service a lead is interested in, but you will also know how much he or she is engaged. This informs the next appropriate action (nurture or contact directly). Once you have conquered, you can use the data to understand which pieces of video content have the most impact on closing business, and optimize accordingly. The resources available to marketers for videos are relatively affordable and easy-to-use.

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