Customised Audiences You Should Be Using In Facebook Ads Manager

Customised Audiences You Should Be Using In Facebook Ads Manager

Social Media Marketing | September 14, 2020

As an ad platform that’s becoming more competitive over the years, brands must continuously optimise their Facebook ads to lower their acquisition costs. Brands must be leveraging unique ideas of opportunity through engaging ad creatives, optimised targeting and unique bidding strategies.

When you are using Facebook’s interest-based targeting, it doesn’t provide any insight into the exact users you are addressing. However, with customer audiences, you get to deep dive into understanding your target audience better. Throughout the funnel stages, you can leverage unique custom audiences and cater to them within their buying lifecycle. Here are four custom audiences you should be implementing.


Facebook ads manager lets you upload a list of user’s data which is then matched with Facebook’s user graph. Traditionally, you might include information like email addresses, phone numbers, names and locations. You can add this data on a spreadsheet and use it as a list to upload it as a custom audience. In 2018, Facebook introduced the lifetime value metric allowing brands to integrate useful targeting information within their ad account. Facebook’s custom audiences require a minimum of 100 people, and most brands will have enough data to start with.

Lookalike audience of top-performing customers:

Following the custom audience attribute, you can leverage data in more ways. By creating a 1% lookalike audience of your top-performing customers, Facebook will also factor the spending values when generating a new list. Leveraging the knowledge graph, Facebook will create a new audience of users who share the same behaviours as your top customers and also spend similar amounts.

Retargeting who watched your videos

Moving to the middle of the funnel, you can use retargeting as an effective strategy for re-engaging with interested prospects. If you leverage video content within your funnel strategy, it’s possible to build segments of users who engage with this type of content.

These custom audiences can be based on the unique interactions users have with a video asset. These include:

Those who have watched specific videos published from your brand profile. These can be categorised by individual videos or all videos within a particular period, e.g. the past 60 days

Those who have engaged with a video for a minimum duration – 3 seconds or 15 seconds

Those who have watched a total percentage of a video – 25% – 95%

Retargeting those who spend a minimum amount of time on a webpage:

Website retargeting has always been an effective way to re-engage with users who are familiar with your brand or product. If you’re a high-performing website or store, you might find that a simple retargeting audience may be too broad for some campaigns. By segmenting a retargeting audience by the duration of their website sessions, you can separate highly-engaged traffic from those who bounce. Within Ads Manager, it’s possible to segment users by website session durations. These include the top 5%, 10%, and 25% of total sessions. The top 5% of website sessions will be the most engaged subset of users.


Custom audiences are a powerful way of driving your Facebook marketing strategy. With the ability to target a highly-specific audience helps you with higher conversion rates. If you want the best Facebook advertising services, you can hire us at ValueHits – one of the best digital marketing agencies in India. Call us for a free consultation.