Digital Marketing Strategies to Focus During COVID-19

Digital Marketing Agency | 31 July 2020 Digital Marketing strategies to focus during COVID-19 Reading Time: 2 minutes

The coronavirus has made a significant impact on the countries, communities, and businesses worldwide in this modern era. However, times like these provide opportunities to specialize in many different areas that affect your business. Tough times like these induce panic and cause you to stop all your activities, and you should not stop your marketing plans. ValueHits – a Top Digital Marketing Agency in India and its program marketing can assist you to continue creating revenue, which is particularly essential during potential economic downtimes. Here are some digital marketing strategies you should be looking at during this pandemic:

1. Email Marketing

If your business is service-based or local-based, chances are you send emails regularly to your clientele to keep them updated and engaged via newsletters. If your business is low or closed right now, this is a great time to shift your focus towards collecting new leads and emails in place of promoting sales.

2. Specialize in customer service and reputation management:

Brands like Facebook are making content center points to keep the clients educated. Organizations can make use of online journals and blogs to create content applicable to their industry. They can even approach to refresh their clients on the measures taken by their business during this pandemic.

3. Answer commonly asked questions:

People use Google’s full potential to get answers. Make sure your website has answers to all the questions your audience is seeking. Ensuring that your site has all the answers will help searchers discover more about your business and its functioning during this crisis. By having the response to your customers’ queries and creating an FAQ page for your website will enable your website to be ranked highly in SERPs. This can progressively expand your traffic and improve click-through rates.

4. Budget pivoting

Buyers’ behavior is volatile. It is highly influenced by the many factors surrounding them, and currently, the pandemic is wreaking havoc. Therefore, your business’s budget needs to be adaptable too so they can respond to these behaviors appropriately. Your budget should be able to pivot between PPC campaigns or the watchwords you are focusing to wherever it can make the most impact. This is particularly useful for businesses that focus more on print and outdoor advertising, and they should be focusing more on web-based marketing currently. Spend your finance limit wisely, and there might be a chance for a quantifiable effect on your business.

5. Social media utilization:

Just like Google My Business, make use of social media to keep your customers updated with your business and its undergoing. You can create posts that can help your customers understand whether your business is open or not, or whether you are taking orders or offering alternate solutions, etc. You need to be active online.


These strategies will help your business not to be shut down in the coming times. We encourage you to stay active online, answer your customer’s queries, and let them know that you’re still there that this is temporary. The best Digital Marketing Company in India, like us at ValueHits, value your business, and can offer you all the services that can help your business during these struggling times. Call us for a free consultation.

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