Digital Marketing vs Coronavirus

digital marketing | 16 April 2020 Digital Marketing vs Coronavirus Reading Time: 2 minutes

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc over the entire world. Around the world, there’s a universal message being sent around – how to avoid the virus, how to maintain your hygiene, practice social distancing, what to do when you get the virus, etc. But outside of all the personal concerns, there are professional issues where businesses are trying to minimize the financial impact of the virus.

At times like these, you as a business should take the bull by the horns and power through this pandemic! Here’s how you can utilize these digital marketing strategies during this pandemic.

1. Social Media Marketing:

People are spending more time on social media than ever. With people working from home and kids taking their online classes, people are self-quarantined to the confines of their home, and hence, people are glued to social media right now. With an increase in reach, engagement and time spent on social media platforms, a business owner should be making the most of it by advertising on these Social media platforms and putting your brand in front of your target audience.

2. SEO:

Given the nature of your business, your audience will be searching for your product or service on Google. And SEO is the process that helps your website rank better amongst your competitors on the search engine result pages. SEO takes time to process and requires constant optimization. During this pandemic, many of the businesses will choose to stop their efforts towards SEO since there will be no immediate results. Therefore, you should be making the most of this by improving your SEO and optimizing your strategies. The Best Digital Marketing Company in India, like ValueHits, can help with your SEO.

3. Email Marketing:

No matter what business you are in, email marketing is the best way to connect with your clients. When the pandemic causes people to stray away from your business, you should get your email marketing strategies to work on full steam. These emails will help your business stay in touch with your audience while building trust within them. This helps in increasing the longevity of your business now and beyond the pandemic. Email marketing helps your business to be set up for long-term success.

4. Social and Google advertising:

When business is slow and uncertainties like the coronavirus rise, it is quite common for companies to stop their advertising efforts. Why continue spending money if consumers won’t be actively purchasing, right? Wrong! There will be people who are willing to spend money on your products right now, and you should be ready with your sales strategy. For people who aren’t purchasing the right, it is necessary to stay in front of them and remind them of your products and services. Advertising on social media and Google keep your brand relevant and in front of your target audience so that when they are ready to purchase, they purchase from you and not your competitors.


In the wake of COVID-19, do not stop what you are doing. You can be doing your business digitally while practicing social distancing. Imbibe all the necessary actions required to keep the virus at bay while ensuring your business doesn’t take a hit. Digital is the way to go. To stay on top, you need the best Digital Marketing Company in India – ValueHits! Our strategies can help you overcome all issues in the digital world while helping you get maximum business.

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