Effective On-Page SEO Strategies for Small Teams in 2023

SEO | August 11, 2023

Find out how to use short-form films, organic link building, and image optimization for search with a small team.

Effective On-Page SEO Strategies for Small Teams in 2023


It would help if you prioritized using high-quality media in your on-page SEO approach.

The caliber of your visual content can significantly impact how your target audience views your goods and services if you run a small or medium business (SMB).

The on-page SEO keys to assisting you in 2023 include high-quality photos, graphics, and other next-generation material.

  • Improve your search engine ranking and appear higher on results pages (SERPs).
  • In short-form video SERPs, rank for difficult keywords.
  • Create natural backlinks.

Let's find out how the proper media, supported by a practical SEO approach by an affordable SEO services from a reputed SEO company in Mumbai, may help to strengthen your brand and increase ROI.

Produce content that generates backlink opportunities automatically

Search engines use backlinks to assess the value of your website and where it should appear on their results pages.

Backlinks of exceptional quality might propel you to the top of Google.

But first, let's take a quick course on how backlinks can boost your SEO and support the expansion of your business before we explore how small teams can develop backlinks more quickly.

How Backlinks Affect SEO & SERP Positioning

Because they help people find your website, backlinks are essential to your entire SEO strategy.

They show Google that your site is popular with users and that it is worthwhile to connect to your content.

Consider it a vote of confidence; the more authoritative backlinks you have, the better your website ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Your objective when link-building is to have numerous credible sources attest to your website.

So how can you get trustworthy, relevant websites to connect to yours?

How can you convince Google that your website is reliable? By creating backlinks.

It's best to provide material that strengthens relationships if your team is small.

The Secret to Creating Natural Backlinks

Ensure your material is original, current, and more accurate than your rivals to obtain the best backlinks.

High-reputation websites greatly value accurate, original information.

By giving pertinent material within your area, you're establishing your site as the authority, which helps to produce more inbound links. Backlinks make it simple to quote facts, source assertions, or even add context.

What Type Of Content Is Best For Natural Link Building?

Infographics are the best type of material for generating natural backlinks.

Infographics and other visual materials frequently perform well for marketers because they are easier to consume and distribute.

Why? Readers will share infographics more quickly because they are 50% easier to read than an entire blog post.

A whopping 41% of marketers claimed that creative images, such as infographics and illustrations, aid in accomplishing their marketing objectives.

Guidelines for Designing an SEO Infographic

You should adhere to the following best practices while making an infographic, whether it provides information, makes comparisons, is statistical, is time-based, or otherwise effective:

  • First, choose a target audience.
  • Choose an infographic style.
  • Make a wireframe of your intended outcome.
  • Choose your primary success metric.
  • Make a convincing pitch and an exciting headline.
  • Create your infographic with sharing and finding in mind.

How to Link Pictures To Competitive Keyword Search Results

Any effective SEO plan must start with competitive keyword research. By assisting you in comprehending the wants and search intent of your customers, keyword research enables you to better engage with them.

To rank higher and attract more visitors, focus on high search volume-related words, queries, and phrases.

However, how do you know which keywords to target?

How do you determine the photos that will work best for each campaign?

Predict by Shutterstock is the tool you need if you want to produce successful content without having to make a lot of guesses.

Google Offers 6 Tips for Image SEO

Here are six suggestions from Google for image optimization:

  • Remove cumulative layout shift (CLS) in images.
  • Size your photos properly.
  • Pick the best image file type to use.
  • Picture compression, as necessary.
  • In the browser, cache images.
  • Sequence your image downloads properly.

Select Photographs That Are Particular To Your Brand

How do you locate photographs nobody else uses when you only have a small team?

You can make them in 2023!

You may use artificial intelligence to your advantage by using the AI picture generator.

The generator will realize your idea if you write a thorough prompt outlining everything you wish to produce.

Take Advantage of New Search Trends

Always keep an eye out for new developments in SEO.

One of the most recent SEO trends to take up is short-form video.

Due to TikTok's recent growth, more social media sites are beginning to turn their attention to brief, attention-grabbing videos.

Even YouTube, often the place for long-form videos, has encouraged users to contribute shorter segments with its Shorts option. Instagram has been highlighting its Reels feature.

From this angle, short-form videos should unquestionably be a part of your plan.

Include short-form video SEO in your plan of attack

Do you want to incorporate short-form video content into your SEO plan?

Do they need more resources to produce films for particular keywords?

You can use your credits to search for captivating stock footage that will work for your brand with Shutterstock's Flex Subscription.

How to Make Videos SEO-Friendly

Maximize visibility and utilize the search algorithm depending on the platform you use to publish your movies.

To make it easier for search engines to find your short-form video content, you should:

  • Create a compelling caption.
  • Develop original, memorable content.
  • Use filenames with lots of keywords.
  • To suit the platform, adjust the aspect ratio and video duration.
  • Use appropriate hashtags and tagging.
  • Include a captivating thumbnail or cover image.

Innovation and commitment are your most effective tools as you set out to improve your small team's on-page SEO prowess in 2023. Your success is built on rigorous preparation, creative flair, and uncompromising commitment to excellence.

You're weaving a digital tapestry that tells the distinctive tale of your business and appeals to, motivates, and enchants your audience with each term, backlink, and image you use. Take the plunge, utilize the power of focused resources, and watch your brand soars to new heights in the dynamic digital environment.

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