Essential Things You Must Know About Media Planning

PPC | April 23, 2019

As we are in one of the most creative generations to ever walk the face of the earth, there happen to be thousands of media sources in which we can effectively market our business. Whether you are a startup, or an advertising agency, or a corporation at some point, you have to devise a media planning strategy.

Essential Things You Must Know About Media Planning


Still, it doesn’t solve our problem as to how and what all to take in into your media planning. If you adopt these few essential things that we are about to share with you- and utilize them in the right way- you will find a dramatic increase in results of organization’s or client’s campaign.

What are your media goals and objectives?

The primary driving force of a multi-channel campaign is your marketing objectives and ad goals. Whatever your goal may be, ensure you are clear about how you will go about achieving it.

Your goals must be SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. For instance, your campaign objective can be to increase credit card sign-ups at your local bank location by 30% within one month.

Creating and setting clear goals helps the development of your media strategy in terms of drawing in new prospects, obtaining more customers.

Who’s your best audience?

Once you have got a better knowledge of the market, industry, and competition surrounding your audience, it’s time to know whom are you talking to. Instinct has always been a part when planning campaigns for marketers, however depending on educated assumptions to guide your strategy is not enough any longer.

Once you have identified your ideal consumer, then you can build a precise audience who are in-market searching for the product or service you sell and are more likely to respond to your ads.

Particularly, the audience segment based on consumers with the aligned intent to demographic, interest, purchase, etc. Certain criteria can be set throughout media channels. It can be to either open the campaign for a broad reach or narrow the selection more particularly to fit campaign requirements. For instance, selecting the residence within a radius from a retail location, annual income or age group.

A selected number of people who fit the criteria are compiled to serve as an ideal target audience for your media planning.

Make your media plan:

Once you have created all of the necessary target audience, and counts are compiled, it is time to create your media plan. A media plan will consist of details such as specific media channels best for message delivery, the cost per million clicks, the number of impressions, and creative development specifications. Media planning gathers all the marketer’s desired goals, data compiled from targeting technologies, and accessibility to specific ad exchanges to identify the best technique to deliver the message to target audiences.

Your campaign will span through a specific amount of time and can be delivered through native, desktop, mobile and email.

Measure your success:

Once the campaign is deployed, the most crucial part of media planning actually starts. Your media planner will inspect and achieve measurable goals by tracking engagement, including form sign-ups on the website and click-through rates in delivered emails. If you don’t have your owns media planner, you can purchase media planning and buying services to help your marketers understand what works best.

Valuable delivery of media and the real-time engagement data analysis make sure that your marketing money is being invested into real results. Media planning is necessary for the success of your campaign, delivering the most relevant ads to the right people on their favorite devices.

A few more things……

It’s imprudent to mix and match campaign strategies when buying media. It is always best practice to stick with one strategy and reap the reward. A campaign that is confused will only result in money and efforts wasted.

Similarly, be realistic when it comes to your media spend. More creative needs more money. To conclude who you work with is becoming more and more critical. Keep in mind, whether you work in-house, or with a partner, ensure your media buying services are open and transparent.

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