Excellent tips to write SEO-friendly blog posts

SEO | November 4, 2022

Writing requires special and creative skills, especially to create an SEO-friendly blog. Keeping your readers engaged in your content is a real task for writers. When a reader understands and enjoys reading an article, will share your content with other people that will increase your rankings. Hence, if you wish to upscale your writing skills, we have a few essential tips for you; on how to write an SEO-compatible blog.

Excellent tips to write SEO-friendly blog posts


This post provides tips on writing an SEO-friendly bog which is readable. These two objectives ought to always be intertwined because, in our opinion, clear writing attracts and keeps people on your website.

Research for keywords

Keyword research is extremely important before you start writing any content. This step will help you dominate the Google search results. The most searched keywords are the topics that you must write about.

Once you complete your keyword research and have a list of focus keywords for your blog post, pen it down.

Writing tips for SEO-friendly blog posts

Have a clear idea before you write

Before you start, think and have a clear idea of what you want to write. What point are you trying to make with your readers? What does your blog serve to accomplish? What do you want your readers to do at the page's conclusion? Make a note of the answers to these questions before you begin, and think about what users could be looking for.

Devise a structure for your post

To write a good SEO-friendly blog post, you should have a clear structure ready to write. Your blog post must have these three things:

  • Attention-grabbing introduction

  • A well-written and informative body

  • A summarizing conclusion

Make use of headings and paragraphs

Not everyone uses paragraphs very well. Never start each new sentence on a new line; it does not look presentable. In addition, avoid making paras as each para is unique and has its own idea. Ask yourself what is the idea of each paragraph. If the idea or the message is not clear through the sentences, you need to add more paragraphs.

Besides, apt headings and subheadings also play a very important role in the blog posting. If you want people to navigate easily through your articles, use subheadings to lead them correctly. Subheadings help readers your page and give them a clear structure of your blog post. This is not the only importance of subheadings, as they are also important for SEO because subheadings contain keywords.

Use of transitional words

Transitional phrases make it easier for readers to skim through your writing and comprehend how sentences and paragraphs relate to one another. Consider a scenario where customers buy your goods for three different reasons. You ought to employ cue words like "first," "second," and "last." Additionally, the use of the terms "yet," "similarly," and "for example" sends a strong message to your readers. Words like "to summarise" or "in brief" immediately alert readers that a conclusion is forthcoming. In order to give your content structure, it is essential to include transitional phrases.

Always use related keywords

Stuffing your blog with your main keyword may make your content less interesting to read, which may have an impact on your rankings. Google has to highlight information that people enjoy reading since it is becoming more intelligent every day. You do not have to utilise your goal keyword every other sentence, and it has additional approaches for figuring out what your writing is about. Google uses synonyms and other phrases that are related to your core keyword to determine the topic of your text. This calls for regular usage of synonyms and comparable terms throughout your work.

Optimize your article length

Ensure that your blog postings are at least 300 words long. Google prefers long content, but readers could lose interest if yours is too long. I would suggest which you only write lengthy things when you are sure of your writing skills. You put a lot of pressure on your viewers to read lengthy information from beginning to end. Read this article if you are unsure of the optimal length for a blog post. Additionally, use your focus keyword consistently throughout the entire piece to generate a blog post that is SEO-friendly.

Link to existing content

Do not forget to link to and from any previous entries you may have made that are related to the one you are writing now. It will improve both your new blog article and the existing posts because you are showcasing your subject-matter expertise. In addition to everything else, the quality of your links is vital for your Google rankings. Remember that your viewers will benefit from your connecting to relevant material because they could find these posts interesting as well. It aids them in navigating your website. Your readers and Google will like it if you use internal linking. Spend some time on it because it will help them manage your content and understand how the different information on your website relates to one another.

Take some time to link to and from your prior content because it will help your audience organise your content and comprehend relationships between various pieces of content on your website.

Consistent content posting

Your website's Google ranking will increase when you publish new blog content frequently. This is crucial since, if your website is not active, Google will crawl it less often, which could affect your rankings. Just blogging for the sake of posting is not acceptable. Always upload high-quality blog posts and articles, such as well-written; educational pieces that engage users and correspond to their search criteria.

The creation of an editorial calendar for your blog may be a terrific idea if you struggle to post frequently. To keep them from becoming stale, it's a good idea to update your older blog content sometimes.


For your website to rank highly in Google, even SEO companies in Mumbai no longer use the usual techniques. Good content reigns supreme in today's world. Good content also encourages additional links, shares, tweets, and repeat visitors to your website. The most crucial thing is to just produce an excellent SEO-friendly blog.

Description: Writing an SEO-friendly blog needs a skillset; certain writing and SEO tips can enhance your rank at Google because creating high-quality and relevant content is essential to make it SEO compatible.

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