Five Top Tips To Make Linkedin Advertising Work For You

Social Media Marketing | April 25, 2018

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform where businesses can effectively connect and communicate with each other. It is the only social network offering commercial cum professional socialization. This uniqueness of LinkedIn makes it a compulsory part of the social marketing portfolio of every business.

Five Top Tips To Make Linkedin Advertising Work For You


Initially, social media was used to socialize but now it is used to sell. On the social front, you cannot miss LinkedIn advertising, it should be a part of your social media strategy. It has benefited businesses from diverse industries and is ideal for B2B promotions. Though initially Linkedin advertising may seem quite a difficult task with many complexities involved, as you start working on it things become easy. You can count on our LinkedIn advertising tips for promising results.

Tip 1: Use Sponsored Updates & Display Ads Simultaneously

A combination of both sponsored updates and display ads can give a nice kick start to your advertising campaign. Sponsored updates are ads from companies that a LinkedIn user follows they are marked as sponsored. The follower will see a pop up in LinkedIn feed which will say sponsored next to it. Using sponsored updates is a good way to advertise business to existing followers. Display ads are very creative and unlike sponsored ads, they use text, images, and videos. Display ads are targeted to specific LinkedIn users based on targeting criteria, these ads appear on side of a LinkedIn page. This is a great way to promote business to both followers as well as non-followers.

Tip 2: Follow The Word Limits For Ad Copy

Make sure that you stick to the defined word limits in the headline, top text, and main text. Before the ad goes live double check all the word limits. Write appropriate content for the advertisement that fits within the word length without hampering the ad message. Writing too short content can leave the reader wanting for more whereas lengthy ads are often boring, find a midway.

Tip 3: Target Ads Smartly

The more precisely you target the more are your chances of increasing engagement with the advertisement. For example, if you sell PlayStation, you can target users with interest in online gaming, who follow pages related to online gaming on LinkedIn or are into the gaming business. In contrast, it wouldn't be profitable to target the people who like sports in general. The targeting options are fairly extensive, you can target based on location, interest, company name/industry/size, job title, education, skills, group, gender, and age.

Tip 4: Use Correct Image Resolution

Image plays a vital role in an ad's success, visuals catch eyes before text. Always use a colorful, engaging and high-quality image in your ad that is relevant to your business. If you do not use the image with the right resolution it may appear distorted, blurred or skewed to viewers hampering your overall impression.

Tip 5: Write a Captivating Ad Copy

Include your advertising message beautifully in the ad copy. Write with an intention to sell but never let your ad copy reflect it. Try being creative, play with words and entertain audience along with promoting your business. But avoid using very heavy words and jargons, it can drive traffic away, try to be clear and concise about how you can fulfill the needs of the target and add value to their lives.

We hope that now you can take your LinkedIn campaign to the next level, improve results and attract more prospects. ValueHits can help you with LinkedIn Advertising. We can make your ads stand out with our vast experience of successful LinkedIn Ad campaigns. We help clients in creating and launching ad campaigns, targeting, ad creatives, conversion, and analytics. Call +91 22 40 500 600 for more information.

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