Five trends that’ll shape mobile app development

Mobile App Marketing | February 22, 2021

Can you imagine two decades back, we had dedicated alarms, clocks, telephones, cameras, etc.? But today, all of the mentioned is available in one humble device known as the smartphone. Smartphones now have constantly been evolving. They are more than just a phone to make calls. They can do far more stuff! And the apps used in smartphones are further enhancing their usability.

Apps have gone through several different evolution phases in terms of design and usability. Now businesses use app development services to build a better user experience, improve functionality and increase inefficiency. Here are five trends that’ll shape the mobile app development of the future:

1. User experience:

The most significant change we will see in the coming future of mobile app development will be in the form of functionality and usability. User experience will be a field for developers to explore to create an essential and impactful user experience for businesses to provide to their masses. They will focus on creating more user-focused functionalities, which are easier to access and use. A happy user is a start to a happy business owner.

2. Augmented reality:

Augmented reality, as well as Virtual Reality, have been making waves in the market lately. Especially during the pandemic, many companies chose to go the VR way to offer their services to the consumers. Also, AR and VR have been revolutionizing the field of healthcare, engineering, military, real estate, etc. Watch out for this space for more, as businesses will be keen to make the most out of AR and VR.

3. AI and machine learning:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been seen as a boom in investment lately. These fields have an underlying potential that is waiting to be unleashed. AI and ML drive google’s smart assistant, and so are many other smart devices. These devices adapt as per user’s behavior on digital platforms. Future apps will be taking advantage of AI and ML to boost their potential!

4. Cloud-based applications:

Cloud computing has grown several-fold in the last couple of years. Google stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform that uses streaming services to allow people to play games online, even on low-end hardware. This is a big step in cloud computing. Coming years will witness mobile applications making maximum use of the cloud to improve their functionality.

5. Enterprise-centric applications:

Enterprise applications offer several benefits like on-the-go monitoring and management of services, equipment, collaboration, and sharing, etc. Soon, these functions will find their way into mobile applications too.

Mobile application development agencies like Valuehits help you keep up with the latest trends in the market in this highly adaptive and rapidly changing world.

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