Five Ways to Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates

SEO | February 9, 2018

Digitization of brick and mortar businesses gave birth to E-Commerce stores. To produce optimum conversions and maintain consistent sales an E-commerce website should be optimized to sell online. A user-friendly and search engine friendly E-Commerce site is expected to produce better results than other online businesses. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is no magic wand that can immediately reap results but with regular fine-tuning and consistent efforts, it can improve the overall performance of an online store.

Five Ways to Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates


Take a look at some ways to improve your E-commerce website conversions:

1. Use Inputs From Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides diverse statistics about the performance of a website based on various parameters. You should use this knowledge in identifying the areas of improvement and best performing product pages in your website. Pages with high traffic and low bounce rate deserve special attention. Once you have sorted high traffic pages that need optimization use high search volume keywords in their content to draw traffic and boost conversion.

2. Adjust Your Call to Action

The call to action at the bottom of a particular page or product description may be falling short in some aspects and unable to get conversions even after sufficient number of visits. Polish your call to action statement, conduct an A/B test to come up with a more workable CTA. Compare the performance of option A with option B and select the option that drives more visits.

1. Option A: “Buy Now”
Option B: “Close the deal”

2. Option A: “Show me more designs like this”
Option b: “Amazing designs, wanna see more”

3. Think Like The Consumer

Think like the consumer of your product or service, dig out inconveniences that a consumer may face upon visiting your E-Commerce website. Try to see your website from the eyes of an online shopper in terms of landing page, load time, ease of access, sitemap, content sufficiency, product catalog and categorization, accurateness of sort and filter, scrolling speed, social proof and ability to bookmark products interested in.

4. Use Heat Mapping Tools

Lucky Orange, HotJar, CrazyEgg, etc are the various heat mapping tools to track shoppers on your website. Heat mapping tools empower you to track user's website interaction and testing landing page content, CTA text and CTA placement.
With heat mapping tools you can:

  • Determine the navigation style of the shoppers
  • Develop patterns based on the navigation style
  • Implement strategies to enhance buyer’s journey and conversions

5. Optimize Your Page Structure & Product Pages

Your page structure should guide your buyers smoothly through the website. Categorize your products and services into categories nested with sub-categories to help shoppers in narrowing their product search by using on-page filters.
Optimize your product page to appeal shopper and generate an urge to buy. Work on product page attributes like product title, description, features, specifications and provide high-quality images shot at all angles. Provide options for size, color, price, combo offer and quantity for ease of purchase.
E-Commerce business conversion rate depends on a number of factors that need to be taken into account for boosting sales and increasing visibility. Hopefully, this post has been able to provide some helpful inputs to trigger your online E-commerce conversion rate.
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