Get Traffic from Pinterest

Get Traffic from Pinterest

Social Media Marketing | August 1, 2017

Pinterest is often underestimated and seen as a platform for beauty, wedding, and fashion-related bloggers. However, there’s another side to this, and as Neil Patel points out in one of his blogs that it is a search engine and not simply a social media site. Besides, if biggest brands such as Apple, Walmart, and more are promoting their business on Pinterest then there’s got to be something about this.

If you are not already using Pinterest, then you should get started as you can easily generate traffic to your website and now we will discuss how to do that.

Sign Up For A Business Account

If you want to generate good traffic to your website, then create a business account. If you already have an account, convert it into a business account. With this, you’ll get access to more features such as Pinterest Analytics that gives you a report of your activity after you have verified your account. Besides, you’ll also get access to Rich Pins, which gives you more information than the average pins. To give your business better exposure on this platform, you can add more features here such as direct links to your website or real-time product pricing.

Make Your Copy Interesting

It’s not simply about posting blogs or sharing links on Pinterest but making the copy readable and interesting in order to get hits on your posts. Ensure to write a short yet detailed description of the pin. Like you know, every pin comes with a description that gives an idea of what the pin is all about. Adding a call to action will double the chances of driving the traffic to your website.

Pin At The Right Time

No matter how many pins you post per day, it would be of no use unless you post it at the right time, which means pinning when your audience is online. Besides, you’ll find thousands of pins in a day, so how are you supposed to stand out from the crowd? By pinning an interesting post at the right time. To find out the best time to post, you’ll probably have to carry out research work and see what time you get the most engagement. Just make sure you don’t post a lot of things at once.

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