Good SEO Content vs Bad SEO Content

White Label Marketing | August 31, 2020

There is a massive difference between good SEO and bad SEO, and knowing which technique will help you land in the good books of the search engine and what will not make all the difference in your online presence. This up-to-date guide on what to do and what not do and can help you improve your online presence and avoid Google’s penalties.


Bad SEO Mistakes to Avoid:

Buying Links:

Buying links may seem to be the quickest way to get to the top, but it is guaranteed to backfire. Search engines are smart today, and they place the quality of the links at a high level than quantity. While it is easy for any site to create a bunch of spammy internal or external links, earning high-quality links from reputable websites is harder, and that’s precisely what the search engine bots want to see.

Abusing Anchor Text:

Anchor texts are essential in the world of online link building. However, it is possible to abuse anchor text, and it is a bad SEO practice. Trying to rank a website with a specific keyword and using the same anchor text for all its links is one way of misusing anchor text. Google wants you to use branded anchor text, which means using a company name to link.

Duplicating Content:

This is a significant no-no. Search engine thrives for high-quality content, and they know it takes time too; hence they are unwilling to allow people to rip off other people’s efforts.

Duplicating any content from another website will result in a substantial Google penalty.

Creating Overly Dense Keyword Content:

Since search engines have gotten smarter over the years, the importance of keywords has shifted. More emphasis is now given to the quality of the content. You should be using keywords too, but it should naturally flow with the essence of the content, and not being stuffed unnecessarily. Google wants content that offers value and not something that is over-optimised with keywords.

Good SEO Tactics:

Keyword Research:

Keyword research today is all about a user’s intention. Instead of using a single keyword, you should be focusing on synonyms, questions and answers your customers are seeking online. Adhering to these can boost your content’s value and help you become a trustworthy source of online information.

Local Optimisation of content:

If your business has a physical presence, optimising your content locally is a great way to attract customers and help Google help you. Claiming your business listing, using geo-focused keywords throughout your site are some simple ways to help identify you as a local business. You should get good content writing services in India from Valuehits

Earn your Links:

Links are essential to ranking, but earning them is a lot harder than it seems. One way to earn links is by delivering amazing content. High-quality content resonates better with the audience, which can be picked up and shared amongst their followers. Even major influencers may link up with your content!

Launch Google AMP:

Creating a mobile-friendly site can boost your site’s ranking in mobile searches. AMP is an open-source code that you can install on your site to help your content load at lightning speeds on mobile devices. Decreasing your mobile load is an increasing step towards happy user experience.


SEO is fluid and changing constantly. It is your responsibility to adapt to these changes and capture opportunities wherever possible. Make sure you stay on the right side of the law when it comes to SEO. Stick to good SEO tactics and providing a good user experience for your customers and watch your business grow in no time.

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