Google Launches Image Extensions For Adwords

google adwords | 10 June 2013 Reading Time: 1 minute

Google has realized that sometimes its better to “Show” than to “Tell” about something. This is exactly what the new image extension feature for Adwords campaigns does. The objective of this feature is to make ads attractive. Now along with relevant ads, the advertisers can get higher visibility as this feature makes them stand out in the crowd.

It is a proven phenomenon that images have a much lasting and impressive impression on the viewer as he gets to ‘see’ and ‘know’ what exactly is being offered. Though you lose a line of text, expressing your ad with the help of beautiful pictures is surely worth it. The recent beta launch by Google will allow you to add images to your search ads. Thus, now one in every six searches on Google provide ads with images. However, Google expects its users to be more specific while searching in order to see these. E.g: if you search for the design of jewellery rather than jewellery dealers.

Interested people can fill this form and participate in the beta launch of Image extensions by Google.

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