Handling Digital Business During Crisis

Handling Digital Business During Crisis

Digital Marketing | May 26, 2020

Every business would like to ask the same question – how can they help in times of crisis like this?

In times of crisis, humanity steps up to the show. There are thousands of companies around the world trying to make a positive impact right now. Your business does not have to come to a halt; it just needs to come from an ethical place. With people going digital with the help of Digital Marketing Services during self-isolation, it is the right time now to become the hero who doesn’t wear a cape! Here are some ways in which you can do good as a digital business right now:

1) New offers:

Think about new offers you can give to the people right now during the crisis. Your business might not have an offer that makes sense right now, but you need to be creative to come up with one. For example, a personal trainer would not have offered training sessions online. But considering the situation right now, he would be able to train his client, even international ones via video calls. Clients will be happy, and so will be the trainer. This way, think of offers based on your existing products.

2) Freebies:

If your business has relevant products right now, you can give them for free for a limited period of time. Online training sessions, for instance, is something which you can avail to the public for free. This will keep them productive as well; your business will be able to gain new members. What product could you give away for free that would help people right now?

3) Making the products in need:

This way, you will be contributing to saving the world. Your digital platforms can be used to bring in funds from the people who will be used for the production of PPE suits, masks, sanitizers, etc. You can even have a live-stream session on how to build your own mask. These are the ways you can contribute to help the people in need.

4) Collaborate with Charities:

Not every digital business has a product that fits well into the current global crisis. For these businesses, this doesn’t mean they need to shut down until the time is right. Instead, they can collaborate with a charity organization to give a certain percentage of profits for a specific timeframe to charity organizations that are relevant right now.

5) Support and guidance:

You might not have a production line to build masks and sanitizer, or you might not have products to give away for free. For those businesses, you have a database of customers with email ids. You can create a support and guidance system for these people and send an email to all your customers. This is the opportunity to help your customers in ways you haven’t before. Link your customers to charities, job boards, webinars, and more. Solve your customers’ pain points.


It is humbling to see businesses going above and beyond their capabilities to help the people in need during this crisis. And so can you contribute with these ideas. You can ethically promote your business right now, helping those in need. Remember, a positive impact is an impact, no matter how small or big. Get affordable digital marketing services and make an impact today

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