Here’s How You Can Create The Perfect Social Media Post

Here’s How You Can Create The Perfect Social Media Post

Social Media Marketing | December 31, 2019

All social media posts do not run in one format. One size does not fit all when it comes to social media messaging. Communities on every platform react and communicate differently to specific contents and formats. Therefore, there’s a need to adapt and customise your social media posts to suit particular platforms. Personalising your posts will turn your message into the perfect message that will help maximise the engagement!

So, here’s what you need to create the perfect social media post:

1) Content content content!

High-quality content is your ticket to social media heaven. Creating excellent, relevant content becomes your currency in the world of social media. The fundamental of a successful Social Media Marketing Agency is creating high-quality content. The community on social media is savvy, and they crave for good content. Do not view social media platforms as a means to free advertising. Maintain the balance between valuable content and self-promotion. Learn what your audience craves for and create content accordingly. The better you know your audience, the better your posts will be. To create valuable content:

1. You can share content that hits the right interest points of your target audience
2. Share tips that can make your viewers’ like easier
3. Share resourceful information
4. Provide advice, strategies, how-to articles, etc.

2) Going Visual:

A brain processes information faster when the data is provided visually. Visual content gets more likes, comments and shares when compared to textual content. People remember image-based content more than text-based and audio content. Therefore, make use of visual content to generate more traffic from search engines and social media to your website. Videos too are a great source of media for generating traffic. Storytelling videos, tutorials, live interviews, etc. are types of videos which you can use for additional traffic generation.

3) Post format:

Twitter and Facebook have two different post formats. While one supports link-based posts, the latter prefers image-based posts. Image posts generate up to 5x more engagement than regular text updates. And, images from image posts are automatically uploaded to the media gallery. So, your image and link remain longer accessible in your media gallery, even when your post disappears in the stream of new posts.

4) Hashtags:

Hashtags make it easy to categorise content according to specific topics. In social media, hashtags are an essential parameter for linking your posts with the trending topics. On most of the social media networks, using a hashtag in a post on a public account allows anyone to find your post using that hashtag. However, hashtags do not work equally on all platforms. Hashtags work well for Twitter and Instagram, and less on Facebook and LinkedIn.

5) Emojis:

Emojis have the power to convey a sentiment. When applied correctly, brands can communicate their message across to the public with the right emotion using emojis. Emojis work, not only in private conversations but also in public posts. Emojis also support brand building. Emojis are a global storytelling language. Here’s how you can use emojis correctly:

1. Only use emojis that your audience can understand.
2. Make sure the emojis used to complement your message
3. Stick with your brand messaging.

Creating the perfect posts help garner attention from your targeted audience. Providing your audience with the posts they can reciprocate with can help uplift your brand and get your brand messaging right. If you need help setting up posts for your brand, consider hiring ValueHits - one of the leading social media marketing agencies in India. Give us a call for a consultation, and we are happy to help you out.

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