How Can You Improve Your Link Building Strategy's Effectiveness?

SEO | March 8, 2024

Link-building is a common SEO process that demands patience, creativity, and luck. Therefore, it's the most important aspect of SEO. In simple terms, this process involves linking other websites to your website.

So, links that point to your website are similar to gaining votes; the more votes you gain, the more popular your website will be. Plus, it will rank higher on SERPs.

If you are working on a link-building strategy for your business or website but fail to see the desired results, you have landed in the right place. This is your guide next door on how to improve your link-building strategy.

Understanding the Basics of Link Building for off-page SEO

Consider the web a vast network of roads, and all these websites available a click away are the destinations. So, building quality backlinks is nothing less than creating pathways or a bridge connecting these destinations. However, not every path will work, only the high-quality ones. High-quality backlinks are essential. They are similar to well-maintained highways to other reputed websites, essentially like those connecting your website to other reputable sites. Best backlinks work as votes of confidence, informing search engines that your content is important and deserves good user attention.

However, building these high-quality backlinks is a very time-consuming task and needs patience and expertise. For best results, we suggest, making a decision to hire a dedicated SEO expert, a professional who can work independently to navigate the backlinking strategy for your reputed website.

Now, you may wonder why the quality of backlinks matters. Well, there are just two words: relevance and authority. It's similar to getting recommendations. The best recommendation from a friend that you trust holds more weight than getting a recommendation from a total stranger. Right? Links from relevant and authoritative websites in your business niche carry more value than gaining backlinks from low-quality sources.

Anchor text is clickable text within the link, and it also has a vital role. Remember, it has to be very descriptive and relevant to whatever content you have created; it further guides search engines and visitors to your website.

Common Link Building SEO Mistakes

  1. Discount for User Intent

    In simple words, user intent is a user's search query. It features the intention of the users using search engines to resolve some query they have. If you ignore user intent when building SEO content, it simply means you fail to care. Below are the samples for search intent of four types.

    Discount for User Intent


  2. Not producing worthy content for quality backlinks

    The Great God Google prefers websites that organically work to build backlinks over exchanging or buying them. So, your website has a higher chance of earning backlinks only when you use white hat SEO practices and develop high-quality content that deserves backlinks. This step is crucial as websites will use your content as a reference source, and they will cite it in their content.

  3. Bad Outreach to Build Backlinks.

    Your outreach skills are important to pull off the success of your link-building SEO strategy. However, you can ensure that your prospects will not receive your outreach emails, but they still can tag you as spam, which can make your outreach campaign less impactful.

    No worries, here are some valuable tips for outreach and backlinking:

    * Your subject should clearly state your intention and include all the information.

    * You can convey your fair wishes but avoid expressing anything impossible to say in person.

    * Describe your value to them and their audiences; include some stats.

    * Be respectful when you send follow-ups.

  4. Buy Backlinks Without Thinking

    One major reason backlinks are not driving the results you seek is that Google penalizes those you consider buying links. This is a manipulation and violation of Google's guidelines.

    When you:

    * For monetary benefits, exchanging links or other posts with links.

    * Exchanging products and services for linking.

    * Give away "free" stuff so they can write content about it and link it back to you.

    These are just a few ways your site can get penalized by link schemes.

How To Get Backlinks Correctly And Fix Link-Building Mistakes

Now that we have discussed common mistakes during link building, you may wonder how these mistakes can be fixed. Here are some tips:

  1. Broken Link Building

    is searching for a broken link on the website and writing similar content. Next, an outreach is sent to the website that links to the dead resource to ask for them to be linked to our website.

  2. Unlinked Mentions

    Your brand will get mentioned on various websites without the need for you to link to them. This is a fantastic way to initiate gaining backlinks. You have to professionally engage with the sites that have mentioned you and convince them to link to your website.

  3. Link Building for Community Sites

    Forums, Reddit and Quora are the best platforms that help you build your relevant backlinks as well as broaden your profile. This will also help your content be seen by more people.


If you are making these mistakes frequently, it's time to recheck your strategy. If you need help with these errors, it is time to seek assistance from a link-building expert for your off-page SEO strategy, such as ValueHits.


  1. What is link building, and why does it have higher significance in SEO?

    Link building is nothing but gaining quality backlinks to your website from other authoritative websites. This is a crucial strategy for SEO as search engines consider backlinks as a credibility score that proves your credibility, influencing your website's ranking in search results.

  2. How can I check the effectiveness of my current link-building strategy?

    You can analyze your strategy by simply monitoring the number and its quality, checking referral traffic, and improvements in search engine rankings. Try using tools such as Google Analytics, Moz, or Ahrefs for more information on these aspects.

  3. What are the key factors of gaining success in link-building strategy?

    Always focus on building high-quality links, relevant content, building relationships with influencers and other websites, using social media for outreach, and implementing ethical link-building techniques. Remember to stay consistent to get the best results.

  4. How do I identify high-quality websites for link building?

    First check the DA (domain authority) if you have a website with high domain authority, relevant content, and an impressive reputation. Stay away from spammy sites, which can negatively affect your credibility.

  5. Is guest posting still an effective link-building strategy?

    Yes, guest posting reigns as the best strategy. Make sure to select reputable websites, create the best content, and ensure the guest post is relevant to both the host site and your website.

  6. How can I promote natural backlinks to my site?

    The best way is to make unique content that others in your industry find helpful. This can include infographics, research studies, or comprehensive guides but it should be a shareable content. Promote your content through social media to get higher visibility.

  7. Do I need to focus on quantity or quality when building links?

    Quality is the king here. A few high-quality, relevant backlinks carry more weight compared to numerous low-quality ones. Focus on building relationships and gaining links naturally rather than running behind quantity.

  8. What role does anchor text play in link building?

    Anchor text works to provide a great context to search engines about the linked page's content. Remember to use descriptive and relevant anchor text to boost the user experience and improve search engine optimization.

  9. How can I recoup from a Google penalty related to link building?

    Remove all the spammy backlinks, deny toxic links, and stick to Google's guidelines. Implement a clean and ethical link-building strategy and keep moving forward.

  10. Is link building an ongoing process, or can it be a one-time effort?

    Link building is a continuous ongoing process. You have to keep monitoring your backlink profile, adapt to changes in the algorithms, and proactively seek new opportunities to enhance your link-building strategy over time.

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