How To Communicate Effectively With Clients Using A PPC Timeline

PPC | March 5, 2015

When you set up pay per click (PPC) campaigns for large clients, it involves management of lot of things. An efficient and dedicated account manager in charge for the PPC campaign will always ensure the required communication is happening with client, the daily tasks are properly distributed among internal team and which tasks could have positive impact on the performance of the campaign. Often, it is seen that PPC tasks get frequently overlapped. The most valuable tool which you can use when dealing with clients is PPC timeline. This approach can used widely when taking over an account, building account from scratch, or coordinating a larger account change such as a restructure.

How To Communicate Effectively With Clients Using A PPC Timeline


Benefits of a PPC Timeline approach:

When a client hires your firm for PPC services, they pay you money expecting result-oriented performance in return. Whenever a new account arrives, many people fail to work with proper coordination and sign off with client. PPC experts may be very well aware of the fact that preparing reports, analysis and putting together a strategy requires whole lot of time. In such cases, timeline approach is a good way to provide client detailed information and visibility regrading the process. To start off an account with great caliber, a timline-based approach will help you to judge when and what reports are needed and analysis to set expectations.

Define All Account Tasks

Create a foundation for your timeline by defining the account tasks. To begin this, you can start listing out the tasks and then categorize it. Some tasks are quite simple. Something like geo-targeting in an account can be set up in a matter of seconds. This gives client a better understanding about the account and lets him know why the time to map out the set-up is important.

Assign Tasks:

After documenting all tasks, the next step is to ensure that everyone knows about their assigned tasks. Sometimes, it is noticed that tasks are also been falling on client side. It is your duty to make that client is aware of it and has the required support to completed the task. It is important to set expectations and be clear on what this effort will entail so that it can be completed on time.

Create the Timeline

When creating timeline for tasks, keep in mind that it is scheduled accordingly. It is best to finish PPC tasks on a weekly basis as this will help you to meet and exceed deadlines. You can also choose to do it daily.

Document the Updates:

In case of any updates as suggested by clients, you need to document it so as you can make changes after completing the weekly tasks. This gives clients a better idea about how the account is progressing. In fact, everyone remains updated having the most current details of the project.

Client Communication

This is very important whenever you consider a new account. In case of PPC services, you can arrange client meet ups weekly. Weekly updates are most advantageous for everyone. Any more than weekly meetings can create an obstacle in the progress of the project.

When discussing about tasks with clients, you should always speak from the point of view of cost/benefit framework. You cover the basics of a task, talk about why the account can benefit from the task, and lastly explain the outcome of performing the task. This creates an effective method of communication and ensures that if there is a performance change, you are still able to add value to the overall account for the client.

Timeline-based approach work best when tasks overlap or are larger in scope. This gives client more visibility into work and lets them know about key account settings, thus timelines are regarded as a more effective way to communicate with the client.

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