How To Devise Excellent Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing | December 23, 2019

4 million+ -- that’s the total number of apps available across the world’s leading app stores. Keeping that figure in mind, you know it too well that you need a meticulously Mobile App Advertising strategy is the only way to stand out amongst the crowd. Even when you focus hard on your mobile app’s development and building its functions properly, if your audience doesn’t know about your app’s existence, then your hard work is worthless!

Devising a Mobile Web Development strategy should cover every aspect of marketing - from every user interaction, from the moment they first learned about the app to the moment they become a loyal user. Marketing a mobile app ultimately involves defining the audience, determining how to reach them, how to interact with them, and analysing their behavior to make constant improvements as users progress through the acquisition funnel. Here’s how you deploy better tactics for marketing your mobile app.

1) Audience Research:

It all starts with who you are designing the app. If you do not know who will be benefiting from your app, how is the audience supposed to know about it? Before you even start designing the app, you need a clear idea about your audience and the market you are targeting. You should learn about their demographics, their age, their lifestyle, their habits, and any other factors that will help you understand your audience better. Casting a wide net by stating your app is for everyone will only create more confusion for you and your audience. An app which is popular amongst the teenagers won’t necessarily appeal to the 60+ aged audience.

2) Competitor analysis:

It would be best if you learned what your competitors are up to, what has been working for them, and more importantly, what hasn’t been working for them. It will play to your positive side if your app could deliver something which your competitors couldn’t. That’s why you need to keep a keen eye on your competitors to benefit your mobile app marketing strategy. Also, look out what caused your competitor’s app to fail in the market so that you do not follow the same procedure. Understanding your competitors is essential as it keeps your level with the industry’s trends and helps you stay relevant and original.

3) Start early:

Though you can only start your mobile app marketing strategy only after you release your app in the market, it is often better to start by building up the hype. You can start by engaging your audience through videos about your app - how it will be serving a purpose in the life of the audience. This way, you will be able to engage with your potential audience and start with your pre-marketing game. This stage is where you set the base for the release of your app, learn the reactions of your audience and make changes and optimise your app accordingly. And eventually, you can build up the curiosity within the audience for your app. The goal is to build up interest in your app without giving away too many details.

4) App store optimisation:

More than half the people browsing on app stores discover an app just by browsing through the app store itself! Therefore, you should be creating a useful app store page for your mobile app. Please focus on the title, work on your description and try to keep it simple as well as appealing. Work on catchy phrases and icons. Use screenshots of your app to showcase your app’s selling points. Dedicate time to making these things work because all these will make a difference with the audience between installing the app or moving on to the next.

5) Reviews:

Reviews play a critical part in your mobile app marketing strategy. Before downloading an app, most people will try to learn more about the app through reviews, to learn what others think about the app. Therefore, you set out a review of your app from professional reviewers. This can be published on a website, and the content will focus on what your app provides. This way, you can reach out to reviewers and customers to get those positive reviews up.


If you want to market your app, you should be focusing on your KPIs. Make sure you are ticking off everything from the marketing checklist to make your app a runaway success. If you need help with Web Application Development Services, you can consult with as at ValueHits. Our services are aligned entirely to help your app stand out from the crowd. To learn more about our services, you can browse through our website or give us a call.

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