How Essential is SEO For Different Departments

SEO | January 15, 2013

Most business owners or individuals don't consider the importance of SEO for their department. It is often believed to have associated with IT industry and has nothing to do in other areas. But with the evolution of web, the need for website has drawn attention of many other departments as well. To increase popularity and traffic, search engine optimization can prove to be an integral part of their online operations in every department. Need to know how? Let us check it out.

How Essential is SEO For Different Departments


Human Resource (HR)

The method of hunting for a job has changed a lot with time. Now candidates prefer to use technologies, mostly via Internet, for job search. If you are in a similar business, then SEO can provide you a beneficial opportunity to reach out to potential job seekers. For job hunters, your website could be an important source of information to seek for suitable job. You can target your audiences through search engines for specific keywords driving to your website through various SEO tactics.


A successful marketing strategy makes of all possible techniques to target maximum audiences possible. And this includes Internet as well. Although you have already done a lot of marketing offline or through press/media, there still may be a wide range of people that you could have missed and may be an important one. As you cannot predict your audiences and their preferences, it is better to do online marketing also, along with others.

Public Relation (PR)

SEO has huge importance in PR. It can help in understanding visitors behaviour, their search term, method of searching, etc. Thus, you can target your PR materials in a more effective manner. And not only the surfers or audiences that are looking for products or services, there are many more people who use search engines for various other things. Thus, your website can be used as a source of information for many of them. This also adds to your popularity and may be a profit margin in many other way.

All Others

It might require a lot to understanding and investigation to explain, especially for departments that haven’t had to think about SEO in the past. However, the results of it will ultimately speak out the truth on their own. So, if you still doesn't think or understand its requirement for your business, a small conversation with a representative of Valuehits will provide you an outline of the many ways SEO will strengthen your business. Call us now at 91-22-40500699.

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