How to Hire the Best PPC Expert?

How to Hire the Best PPC Expert?

PPC | April 12, 2021

Let’s start with some facts.

- 97% of Google ads campaign fail to generate any positive results due to the lack/inadequacy of quality tracking

- Investing in wrong keywords drives the campaign to a failure. Only 6% of the keywords drive conversion

- On average, businesses waste 76% of their total budget on searches that could generate any value


So, hiring a PPC expert who will take care of your entire ads campaign will be a daunting task! Hiring the wrong person will be a huge mistake and can put your entire campaign, even your business, at a loss. So, here’s what you should be looking at when hiring a PPC expert.

1. Short those potential candidates

In the quest to hiring the right individual for your PPC campaign, you should look at people who complement your business requirements with bespoke attention. Shortlist people who fit your bill the best. You will come across thousands of experts after a search on the internet with big promises and more significant achievements. However, do not trust them blindly. Look at what they achieved, look for how dynamic is they with their acts, and check if they embrace experimental measures with PPC campaigns. Even 20 years of experience in the field while new experts find success through their dynamicity. Look for potential experts who have worked with startups, mid to large-scale agencies, etc.

2. Working methodology

Do not compromise on the quality of work, not even a little bit, from what you expect to be delivered. Understanding the methodology is important to maintain consistency in expected results. Since every project will be different, you should inquire in detail about the agency’s working methodology and set up Google ads account for every campaign.

3. Transparency

Turn around and walk away when a PPC expert refuses to answer certain queries related to maintenance and utilization. As a client, you have all the right to learn to get access to these details. Agencies that are transparent and flexible should be the ones you be looking at. Decrease propositions where a PPC expert delivers only a monthly report. You should work with people offering weekly conference calls. Prefer experts who guarantee real-time access to data.

4. Long-term planning

For a PPC campaign to solidify and offer amazing results, one should constantly be tweaking the campaign. The client and the expert should be on the same page with the campaign. The PPC expert should demonstrate the ability to evolve as per the nature of the project and deliver results. One should have a long-term plan ready for your business and keep implementing changes as you gradually gain an edge over your competition.


There’s one specific strategy that’d help you find the best PPC expert. It requires time and patience, a keen eye for details and constant analysis. So, when hiring a PPC expert, make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps! Or you can call us, and we can offer you what you need!

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