How to hire an SEO specialist?

How to hire an SEO specialist?

SEO | March 15, 2021

There are literally ‘n’ number of SEO agencies right now in the market, and we are hitting the saturation point. And every agency or company will be pumping out slogans of being the best in the market and getting you to the top. However, this opens up a world of options for you to choose and obtain the best and most affordable SEO services.

You can hire an SEO specialist from an agency by first explaining your requirements to them and then comparing the results with other agencies to reach out to. Since every agency out in the market will claim to the best, not all will live up to the name. Therefore, here are some factors to consider while hiring an SEO specialist from an agency.


Check their credibility:

Since most of the agencies will be boasting their numbers, you might want to specifically check their claims. You can ask for niche-specific case studies that are relatable to your business. Check whether their case study is relevant and viable for your business.

Check their blogs:

SEO agencies who are serious about their blog section. This might seem trivial, but most SEO agencies will have a robust blog section. This section will mention the new challenges they faced, the opportunities they utilized, and even the market in general. They will be focusing on engaging their existing clients and bringing in new ones. Such blogs are a great indicator of their SEO prowess.


Online reviews:

An SEO agency’s competency can be judged through online review portals. There might include a few negative reviews, but that will confirm the genuineness of the reviews. Check for what people who hired their services had to say and also for bottlenecks from other clients. This data will be helpful before zeroing down on an agency.

The tools they use:

Before you finalize on an agency, ask them to conduct a quick analysis of your website or even one of your competitors if you haven’t yet. You do not have to give the webmaster or analysis credentials here. Ask them to conduct a thorough analysis using the tools they use. This way, you can analyze how the agency strategizes your campaign and analyze the data before offering suggestions and conclusions.

Content quality:

You cannot compromise with the quality of the content. SEO is the strongest when coupled with good quality content. Ask for content samples and websites for which the agency has offered its content services. You can assess these content samples and determine their quality.


When you are looking out to hire an SEO expert, consider ValueHits! You can go through all the above-mentioned factors, and we can guarantee you results.

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