How To Pick Up The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business In 2024

Social Media Marketing | May 17, 2019

You all must be aware of the fact that social media has proven to be an excellent tool for social media marketing companies. It is the perfect way to increase the visibility of your company and gain loyal followers, whether it is free accounts, paid advertising, or any other. Every social media platform is created differently. Contradictory to popular belief, having a company page on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, will not mostly drive value for your customers.


What are your goals for Social Media?

Open a new social media account with a specific goal in mind, not because you believe it is expected in digital marketing. Ensure you know the benefit of each platform along with its purpose, so your efforts do not go to waste. If it is primarily going to be used as a customer service platform, then have a strong messaging interface and high consumer interaction, like Twitter and Facebook, may be best for this purpose. Showcasing new products and promotions is usually unidirectional, so LinkedIn could also be an option, in addition to the others.

Which social media platform to choose?

If your company is about to start on the web, here is our guide that can help you choose the best social media platform for your business, and to make the most out of them.

1) Twitter:

Twitter is mostly useful for everyone right from individuals to the largest multinational corporations. They often have the opportunity to go “viral” on Twitter, as a string of re-tweets can assist your content reach millions of people. Twitter, with this substantial sharing aspect, is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your content. The only thing to be taken care of about twitter is the character limit of 280. You have to inform your audience only in few characters about your products; thus you will have to develop some serious editing skills. Recently, a small twitter update rolled out, which will now allow users to add a video, photo or GIF to a retweet, instead of only text. Therefore, a twitter post has to be very attractive to engage audience.

2) Facebook:

Facebook is the site and still in widespread use today. It is a far-reaching platform that has users all over the world. Organizations can pick from a variety of options, such as professional pages, native advertising, and paid post promotion. The reach of Facebook is so extensive that some small businesses only choose to have a Facebook page rather than a website. However, it depends on how you reach and influence your target audience.

3) Instagram:

Instagram is the second site after Facebook, which has a relatively large following and has been around for several years. Although Instagram has a majority of the primary audience of millennials and teens, its international following is similar to that of Facebook. The unique factor on Instagram is its reliance on pictures; to be successful on this platform, you should produce high-quality images and video content. This is hard for many small businesses, but it is worth it in the end. Instagram as well provides paid advertising options.

4) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the most business-oriented form of social media. It is a great technique to connect with other businesses and professionals. It’s an older platform, which depends more on text-based updates and less on media content. While LinkedIn is an excellent way to form connections and find employees.

5) YouTube:

Youtube is the prime example of the fact- Google treats its own well. It is worth to use by the brands with video content and ads and for anyone giving explanations or sharing expertise. YouTube videos prominently get featured in Google search results. Be careful when naming and describing videos, and when giving explanations within your industry topics to your brand’s page. A link to your website or subscription widget can assist to convert single views into long-term influence.

6) Snapchat:

Though Snapchat is a newcomer to the universe of social media, it has taken the world by storm. Now, it has millions of users that are active several times a day. Due to this, Snapchat, businesses should provide frequent content. The content quality may not be so important, but users should be able to give a daily “story” of photos and videos. Next day, your content expires, and you have to begin all over again. It might sound difficult to you, but you’re not alone. Very few businesses use Snapchat, especially small businesses, because of the constant updates and content that are necessary for success.


Finally, the social media platforms you choose to represent your company is up to you. There will never be a perfect combination of content, platforms, advertisements, or audience engagement, no matter how good your strategy may seem. It is vital to keep in mind that social media is fickle, and you may not always get the numbers you had predicted. However, hopefully, these tips offered you more insight on how to streamline the procedure in a manner, which will be valuable and relevant to your business.

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