How to quickly audit your SEO

SEO | December 21, 2020

With SEO issues being of varying degrees of difficulty, only the Top SEO Agency in Mumbai,like us at ValueHits will be able to guide you properly through the audit. Some fixes are easy, while some may require a fair bit of time and energy to diagnose.

How to quickly audit your SEO


With Google’s algorithm growing overly complicated, there has been a rise in SEO issues too. Therefore, there has been an increasing need for a proper SEO audit technique. The ability to properly troubleshoot your SEO issues will be the difference between making or breaking your SEO strategy. Here’s what you should do:

Check for duplication!

Content duplication is a reasonably common issue, and you should start with it first. Also, make sure you are looking out for duplication in site indexing. Ensure that only one version of the site is indexed for Google. If you find a duplicate index, consider doing a 301 redirect of those indexed versions.

Check for Google Indexation issues:

Make sure that your optimized website is indexed on Google. Use and check for the number of pages that have been indexed by Google. If there are no pages indexed, then there is an issue with Google indexation.

Rank for brand search

Make sure that your website is ranking for brand search queries. An issue arises when the brand name is generic. In such cases, make sure you build robust brand backlinks, add GMB listings with all the right details, and add the same information to all social media accounts.

On-page audit:

Meta Title, description, meta tags, etc., are essential factors of on-page SEO. Endure that these factors are present on your website and are properly optimized. Make use of tools available online for quick troubleshooting.

Content duplication and thin content:

Google doesn’t like duplicate content. It will not rank a website that has same content on it. Make use of tools available online like Copyscape and Grammarly to deal with content duplication issues. Make use of DeepCrawl and Screaming Frog for checking thin content.

Check site speed:

With Google pushing for faster web speeds, it is essential to keep an eye out on your website’s load speeds. Even when all your SEO aspects are on point, but you have a slow website, Google won’t rank you high. There are many tools available online to check your website’s speed and address it quickly.

Backlink profile analysis:

Make sure that spammy backlinks are disavowed as soon as possible. Ahrefs have the best tools to check the backlink profile of your website. The tools can check for new and lost backlinks and even broken links.

Structured data implementation:

Make sure that your website’s data is structured, which helps Google crawl your pages better and understand the relations between the pages better. This data presented to Google helps to create featured snippets and knowledge graphs based on the search query.


So there you have it. This is a quick and easy way to audit your website. Make sure all the aspects are facing the right way to make the most out of it. For any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Valuehits - Top SEO agency in Mumbai - and we can address your issues related to digital marketing quick and easy.

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