How To Target Customers Better

SEO | January 3, 2020

When an SEO expert talks about page ranks, the first thing that will pop up in mind will be keywords. You might often think that targeting higher-ranked keywords and imbibing them into your content would influence your page ranks. This is true to some extent, and there are more than just keywords when it comes to SEO. You need to be targeting the right audience, and for that, you need the right and best SEO company .

How To Target Customers Better


So, here's what you should be focusing on to target your customers better:

1) Defining your audience

You have to understand your target audience to be able to identify them. It would help if you had a clear idea of the target audience and their interests. You need to analyze their age, gender, location and interests that your business would target primarily. Out of all these factors, you need to dig deeper into your audiences' interests. Learning more about their expectations and needs helps you target your audience better. It is evident that people will only reciprocate when you pay attention to their needs.

2) Enhanced website UI

Google has so far refreshed itself with the goal that the client gets the best outcomes. On the off chance that the client experience isn't sufficient or as expected, there's an unavoidable issue concerning client fulfillment. In this way, as a website, you need to do everything to make the client experience on the site the best with the goal that they come back for more.

For the customers to come back, you need to make sure that your website loads in a couple of seconds. The majority of the people judge a site on time it takes to load. If your page takes too long to load, your prospects will go back to the search result pages and click on your competitors' links. Therefore, please keep track of the time taken by your pages to load and optimize it accordingly.

3) Keyword variations

While we know keywords aren't just everything that solves every issue in SEO, we need to talk about the various forms of keywords that you need to target. Make sure you are including long-tail keywords. These keywords can be a bunch of words and statements. For example, "onion oil treatment for baldness" or "is wine good for cardiac health?" are some statements that qualify as long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords bring you closer to your customer's concerns. These aren't the typical target keywords that you use. These are more diverse that help in avoiding keyword stuffing.

4) Strategize your content

Once you identify your audience, you need to deliver them with content with which they can reciprocate. Therefore, you need an advanced content strategy that focuses more on your audience's problems. However, this strategy will also depend on the nature of the company's business. Hence, there's a need to identify what your audience is looking for and what will suit them the best. Strategize about using images and videos that give your audience a better explanation. Hiring ValueHits - one of the best SEO company - can help you in this venture.

5) Social Media Targeting

It is easier to spot your potential audience on social media, as most of them are on this platform already. While having a social media presence doesn't attribute to a better SEO directly, it does have an indirect impact on your website's rankings. When the users come across your posts on social media, it stays in their minds to create an effect. Using relevant keywords can help too.


Times have changed, and right now, the best tactic to rank your page on Google is by addressing the factors that help your customers directly. And all of this boils down to the quality of content you offer. If you need help targeting your audience, ValueHits can help you out. We are one of the best SEO company that can help pinpoint your audience and bring more business! Visit our website or call us to know more.

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