How to Use Social Media Optimization for Higher Visibility

Social Media Marketing | February 19, 2018

In digital world, most people relate the term “optimization” with “search engine optimization” and the technical processes involved in it. But optimization is rather a broad term, in true sense optimization is in utilizing every aspect of something to make the best out of it.

How to Use Social Media Optimization for Higher Visibility


It is about using the available resources – experimenting on them – improving and polishing them – to create more value.

Thus in business, all your marketing efforts should be optimized to achieve outstanding marketing results, including marketing on social media platforms. When business choose to operate on social media they come across various elements of every social channel, the appropriate use of which can enhance brand visibility and promotion. To make the best use of social media profiles, following are a few ways that can help you in optimizing the social channels:

1. Use brand name in URLs

Established brands are smart, they use everything they can for branding. Your social media profile is bound to have a URL, then why not use it as a tool for branding and promoting your business.

It is important to register an identity for your brand on social media, your URLs play a pivotal role in this. Great brands make sure that all their social media channels recognize their brand. To get this done, use consistent usernames across all social media channels. For example: If your Facebook username is 'savanaproperties', use the same username on all social channels. This will boost brand recognition and visibility because users will see the same brand name regardless of the social media profile they visit.

There is a possibility that you cannot create a username that exactly matches your brand name, maybe because somebody else is already using it, choose a separate username but try to stay as close as possible to your brand name, so that it still creates an impression of your brand. For example: If 'savanaproperties' is not available, try something like 'savanarealestate' or 'savanarealtors'.

2. Use custom apps on Facebook page

Social media has enormous potential to drive traffic to your website, blog and all other social profiles – only if you know how to use it.

Although every social network is different and offers unique features, they mostly allow using only one link in the “About” segment. This link, as many business use, is a link to their website. Well, Facebook allows you to add custom apps on your Facebook page. These apps can be used for any purpose like promoting other social media profiles, promoting blog, promoting product/service catalog, communication & chatting with users, etc.

For example:

Savana Properties can provide its website URL in “About” segment and use Facebook custom apps for its blog, social accounts and for property listing.

By doing so, businesses get an opportunity to direct users coming to their Facebook page to other relevant online properties.

3. Provide complete profile information

Fill each and every detail of your social media profile, make sure to maintain consistency in details provided on all social channels. Use the same brand name, username, contact number, description, address, open hours, website URL, email-ids, etc. everywhere. The first time your prospects interact with your business may be on the social media channel, so keep it nothing less than how your best salesperson would introduce your business.

In a world that is always in haste of immediate information, treat your social profile as a second website or sales brochure of your business. Use appropriate keywords wherever possible as search engines have started indexing content available on social media channels. Formulate a brand message to streamline content on all social networks, do not use assorted marketing objectives. For example: If you offer real estate consultation for commercial spaces, make that clear in all your business information and communication, and always stick to it. Certainly, every single content unit is a powerful optimization tool.

4. Pin important posts to profile

Your audience will forever only know what you convey, so if there is something important that is happening with your brand share it with them, so that they are updated with brand activities. A fairly visible business always prioritizes important posts to appear upfront. For example: If you have an event: Property Expo, post about it, share pictures and videos to engage the audience.

Not only events and happenings, but you must also pin posts that are important from the business point of view, like posts which generate leads, promote offers, drive website traffic, invite subscriptions, etc.

Pinning posts to the top increases its shelf life, it often enjoys prolonged visibility and engagement compared to non-pinned posts.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post. ValueHits professionals have vast experience in SMO activities and can help you in optimizing your social media channels for increasing visibility.

Contact us if:

  • Your social media is numb
  • Your social skills are minimal
  • Your audience is not involved
  • Your social profiles are hollow

Team ValueHits will be glad to help you.

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